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Hair Comb Vs Brush – When to Use the Right Tool to Tame Your Tresses?

ByJessie Sanner

Jun 16, 2020
Hair Comb and Brushes

Your hair plays an important role in your overall look – it can make or break your appearance. A good hairstyle can enhance your natural beauty and boost your mood on a ‘good hair day’. Taking care of your hair is a routine that’s different for most people. We all have different hair types thus use different hair products, but there are some items that we all use – the hair comb and brush. Although both are used for grooming hair, they used in different situations. Taking care for your hair goes beyond its appearance. You can easily damage your beautiful locks if you are regularly using the wrong methods and tools.

When to use a comb?

hair comb

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Is combing your hair good? Of course. When you are combing your hair, you are stimulating the scalp which further helps to increase blood flow. On the other hand, increased circulation brings more nutrients and oxygen which nourish the roots of your hair and promotes hair growth. However, you should know how to comb hair properly and when it’s appropriate to use a comb and when to use a hairbrush.

hair combing

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The best time to use a hairstyling comb is when your hair is still wet. Using a wide-tooth comb while you are still taking a shower will help you to untangle your hair. Brushing wet hair could result in splitting or breakage, which is the biggest enemy to healthy hair. When you are using a hair styling comb, start at the ends. Make sure the ends are well detangled before you start working your way up to the roots. Also, a hair comb is a perfect tool to use when you want to smoothen your hair. The bristles from the brush can bring more friction to your hair causing it to break while the single row of teeth from the comb allows your hair to stand in one direction. In addition, the comb is more gently and provides better control when styling.

Generally, combs can be wide-toothed and fine-toothed. A wide-toothed comb is essential for removing tangles from wet hair reducing the damage. Also, this type of comb is especially useful for separating curly hair. On the other hand, a fine-toothed comb is usually tall with a pointy end which helps style and part your hair with ease.

When to use a brush?

hair brushing

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Women with short or curly hair can rely on a comb. But, for everybody else, the brush is their best ally to achieving the desired look. First, use a comb to detangle your hair and then, use a brush to smoothen your hair. The bristles can work as a massager for your scalp helping it to release the natural oils and distributing them towards the entire length of your hair.

round hair brush

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Brushes come in different types and they all have different purposes. The most popular brush among hairdressers is the round brush. It is a useful tool for creating a wide range of hairstyles – from straight hair to basic waves. The thermal round brush is another popular type that comes with metal additions that heat up and make it much easier to style the hair.

paddle brush

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The paddle brush is less versatile than the round models, but it’s perfect for everyday brushing as it helps to achieve a shiny and sleek finish. The last type is a vented brush which is ideal for girls with blunt and short hairstyles. The best way to use it is while you are blow-drying your hair as it speeds up the drying process.

Combs come in a variety of colours, materials and lengths, but basically they are all the same. Even a wide-toothed comb can work as a regular comb. On the other hand, hairbrushes are more diverse. While combs serve for styling, brushes are a necessary first step in grooming your hair. It is important to choose a brush that works best for your hair type. For example, if you have straight hair that is not too thick, you can use just about any type of comb or brush. On the other hand, when you have curly or thick hair, using the wrong hairbrush can be a nightmare.

So, knowing the different types of combs and brushes will certainly make it easier for you to choose the right one for your hair. Also, sticking with the right hair care routine is another piece of the puzzle of having healthy hair. Using the right products and tools is a foolproof formula to have the healthy and shiny locks of your dreams.

By Jessie Sanner

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