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Giniversity Gin: A Journey Through the Art of Botanical Blending

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a nice glass of gin accompanied by their favourite people, savouring every moment spent together? Surely enough, discerning gin aficionados are always in a quest for new sensational flavours, searching for distinctive blends for the ultimate experience. Luckily, the variety of gin flavours is pretty extensive today and many promising brands tend to deliver captivating and unique experiences.

Such is the Giniversity distillery, inviting gin lovers and novices to explore the epitome of gin craftsmanship and flavour. The wide selection of gin boasts unique flavours and a sensational aromatic experience, including their exceptional botanical gin, alongside the innovative release of the first Australian Smoked Hemp Gin.

The Evolution of Giniversity

Source: distillery.com.au

Situated in the South of Western Australia, surrounded by forest trees, just minutes away from the coastline, the assortment of botanical products by Giniversity stands as one of the pioneering ranges on the Australian mainland. It all began back in 2004, with the inception of the Great Southern Distilling Company in Albany where the first produced spirit was a single malt whisky. The next year, 2005, was marked by the release of the innovative “Ginifer Gin, ” Australia’s first barrel Aged Gin.

The passion for Australian craft spirits was what prompted Cameron Syme to start the distillery and after its success, it resulted in the birth of the Margaret River Distilling Co in 2015. Situated in the town of Margaret River in WA, the distillery became the newest addition to the Great Southern Distilling Companies. This area is best known for producing wine that enjoys international recognition.

The distillery utilizes local botanicals in its craftsmanship and its commitment to showcasing the native botanicals from that region resulted in the launch of Giniversity gin. Cameron’s dedication to utilizing local ingredients and talent has garnered multiple awards for their exceptional world-class spirits.

Botanical Gin – Giniversity’s Flagship Expression

Source: theceomagazine.com

The Giniversity Botanical Gin is the distillery’s original, flagship expression. This original taste includes a careful selection of native botanicals such as lemon myrtle, sandalwood, eucalyptus and boronia. The use of these botanicals is what gives the spirit an aromatic taste with floral notes, and a smooth and delicate finish.

The alcohol by volume in the botanical gin is 40%, with Juniper shining through as a predominant flavour. For an exquisite indulgence, pair up the botanical gin with e Mediterranean-style tonic, a few fresh strawberry slices and a touch of rosemary leaves.

This elegant spirit won the Best World Botanical Gin in 2018 at the USA ADI’s Spirits Competition. This award-winning gin is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering an exquisite spirit, capturing the true essence of the botanical flavour for a true, sensory experience.

A Showcase of the Best Giniversity Gin Flavours

Source: localista.com.au

The rich selection of gin variations is a highlight of the finest flavours. Elevate your gin experience with ideal tonics and crafted serving suggestions that will enhance your aromatic indulgence.

Indian Ocean Australian Gin

The craftsmanship of this gin uses rare botanicals that complement the juniper essence. The spirit features a fusion of Salt Bush and Geraldont Wax, a hint of Gnarabup sea water, which blends perfectly with Juniper, Samphire, Summer Berries, Sweet Orange and Butterfly Pea.

To enhance your experience, pair it up with freshly clapped mint and serve it with Mediterranean tonic over ample ice. If you put a slice of citrus fruit or mix it with citric juice and tonic water, the gin goes under mesmerizing colour transformation.

Sriracha Australian Gin

The creation of Sriracha Australian Gin begins in a seasoned Limeburners whisky barrel with fresh chilli and garlic that undergo a slow and natural fermentation. This spirit harmoniously combines the influence of whisky, sriracha and a selection of exquisite botanicals, resulting in the craftsmanship of their distinctive Sriracha gin.

For an exquisite taste, combine it with a splash of dry tonic or use it as a key ingredient in cocktails such as the distillery’s signature cocktail GiniMari. Given its unique flavour profile, it can also be enjoyed on the rocks or with a splash of soda water for a refreshing and spicy kick.

Pink Australian Gin

The creation of Pink Gin involves the use of quandong, fig, apple and berries, shining through as a predominant flavour, which gives a lively and fruity profile to the Pink Gin. The hint of citrus and a rose petal complements the taste of the spirit which concludes in a light and delicate finish.

For an optimal experience, it is suggested to garnish the gin with a slice of dehydrated green apple, accompanied by a Mediterranean tonic over plenty of ice. This will enhance the fruity notes of the gin and provide a refreshing drink perfect for any summer day. You could also try adding a sprig of thyme or basil to add some herbaceous undertones to your drink.

Barrel Aged Australian Gin

The barrel Gin undergoes a meticulous ageing process which results in a striking red hue that has slight variations in each unique batch. The creation of this spirit involves the use of botanicals such as juniper, coriander, cardamom, angelica, and citrus and unfolds with layers of red fruits and spice. This exquisite sensation has a lingering sweetness to it.

It’s suggested to pair it with a slice of dehydrated or fresh orange and a splash of Indian tonic, over plenty of ice. This will give you a refreshing beverage with a perfect balance of sweet and citrus flavours. You could also add a sprig of rosemary for an added herbal note, or experiment with other garnishes like grapefruit or cinnamon.

Smoked Hemp Australian Gin

The creation of the Smoked Hemp Gin utilizes hemp seeds soured from the reputable Margaret River Hemp Company. The distillery conducts a delicate smoking process, elevated by toasted sesame and sweet orange, resulting in a velveting finish.

To elevate the gin experience, it’s recommended to consume it with white grapefruit, a touch of chilli or bay leaf, complemented by Indian tonic over ice. The Smoked Hemp Gin also serves wonderfully as an addition to the Bloody Mary-style cocktail.

Christmas Australian Gin

Produced in limited small batches of 380 bottles, the Christmas Gin perfectly encapsulates the seasonal essence of Australian Christmas. This gin emanates alluring pink radiance, offering an exceptional smooth and delicate finish, with sweet and earthy notes.

The distillery first introduced this spirit in 2017 and it since has evolved into an exquisite blend of Fig, Apple and Berries essential oils, enhanced by the naturally bitter-sweet ginger, amplifying the taste of juniper. It’s best when served chilled or mixed with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water over ice, complemented with slices of strawberries or kiwis.

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