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Get Down to Business: How to Choose the Perfect Work Bag

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Careful consideration must be given when selecting a business bag. You’ll use this as the bag you take everywhere from the office and meetings, to business trips. The bag you carry along with you no matter the work-related activity or place you visit will be the final touch on your whole ensemble and a reflection of who you are.

Also, your laptop, crucial paperwork, and other personal items will all be stored in the bag you select. Keep these criteria in mind when shopping for your next professional work hand bag as the market is vast and the options are endless.

The Purpose

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You should first consider what kind of bag you want. Correct, the headline indicated a need for a business bag, suggesting a professional setting; however, even in this scenario, your bag can serve a number of purposes. Do you take your entire mobile office everywhere you go, or do you just bring paperwork and maybe a laptop on rare occasions?

If you’re the “I carry it all” type who likes to pack everything they might need for a long day into one bag, from their work laptop to a spare pair of tights, choosing one of the spacious work handbags Australia has gone crazy about might be the best course of action for you as it’s a practical choice. Keep in mind, in addition to fitting a whole laptop, they have plenty of room for more of your essentials with the convenient inner compartments.

The Design

We all have that one piece of clothing that we bought because it seemed like it was an “unavoidable basic” but then we still found a way to avoid it every time we had to make a decision on what to wear the next day. Why is that? Well, the answer is simple – we just didn’t like it enough, regardless of its functionality.

That’s why even though the bag’s intended purpose may be professional, that doesn’t mean a business tote can’t be stylish and attractive. While it’s understandable that you’d prioritise function over form when making your selection of work handbags Australia-wide the bag you end up with should be something that matches your personal taste.

The Colour

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Get a business bag that complements your wardrobe. You undoubtedly own some timeless garments, such as the little black dress, the pencil skirt, and your all-time favourite blouse. Look for a professional bag in one of your usual outfit colours. Black, beige or navy blue are the typical choices when it comes to women’s business bags because they complement so many different colours and styles.

Alternatively, gold with green is a great option if you’d prefer a golden-based colour scheme. That way, other than your choice of jewellery, the bag will be the accessory that everyone will be talking about, and it will look great in both dark and light colours.

The Size

An appropriate size for a business bag is one that can easily hold a minimum of a stack of A4 sheets. However, the size of your laptop is another factor to think about. Typically, laptops come in either 15 or 17-inch sizes, which has a significant impact on the selection of a suitable bag. Do not compromise this issue by convincing yourself that you do not need to carry your laptop everywhere. It’s important to be able to use your regular business bag for the laptop even if you only take it occasionally.

The Inside

Values on the inside matter as much as exterior size. Consider what you’ll be putting in the bag as well as how you plan to use it. You did, after all, just define “size” in terms of your laptop, so it’s likely that device will be on the list somewhere, though it won’t be the only one.

Even if you initially thought you wouldn’t require much for the day, you’ll quickly realise that you’ve packed your bag full of essentials like your phone, notebook, pens, business cards, wallet, and more. The number of pockets you require is determined by the items you intend to carry on a regular basis. A work handbag with multiple internal compartments will allow you to keep your things neat and tidy.

The Material

The durability and quality of your bag, as well as the manufacturing process and the sustainability of the bag’s solution, are all heavily influenced by the bag’s material. Chromed or vegetable-tanned leather is still the material of choice for the classic handbag. Then, there are substitutes that are PVC, polyurethane leather, or a combination of the two. Not only do plastic-based materials tend to wear out quickly, but their quality can also be lacking.

The Carrying Method

There are many designs to choose from when shopping for work handbags in Australia. And how you plan to carry it—shoulder, under the arm, or in hand—will help you zero in on the best option. Some handbags are extremely adaptable, allowing you to sling them over your shoulder, tuck them under your arm, or turn them into clutches.

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