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Furniture Refinishing or Furniture Restoration

When it comes valuable antique furniture, most people believe that antique furniture restoration or refinishing can ruin their value. However, this is not true. Specially formulated products for refinish antique furniture can restore the original look of the antiques. Therefore, if you own valuable antiques, do not be afraid to refinish them, either by yourself or by using the services of a trustworthy antique furniture restoration company.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique furniture restoration is simply restoring the original condition of the antique piece. Refinish antique furniture, on the other hand is replacing the old furniture finish with a new one. Restoration is not harmful and if you are a do-it-yourself person, you can easily restore the antiques yourself. Depending on the condition of the antique piece, there are three ways to restore it:

  • Maintain and keep the existing finish of the antique piece. Clean and wax to give it a shine.
  • Do few finish touch ups to restore damaged areas.
  • Refinish antique furniture by removing the old finish and apply a new one.

Evaluate The Existing Finish

Inspect the finish for flaws and how serious damages are, if any. One important thing to remember is that the whole purpose of refinishing antiques is not only to restore the original look, but also to protect the piece from mold, moisture, stains, dirt and scratches.

Indication Refinishing Is the Perfect Option

It is important to know when to refinish antique furniture. Take a look at some of the most common signs:

  • The finish is peeling off or is cracked;
  • After cleaning, the finish feels sticky;
  • The clear coats of finish have turned dark;
  • The furniture has rings or dark patches under finish;
  • It simply looks awful and you want to refinish it;
  • The furniture finish has imperfections that cannot be removed by cleaning.

Problems That Can Be Repaired

If the furniture finish looks good, few touch ups may do the job and you may not have to refinish antique furniture. Take a look at some of the common problems that can be easily repaired:

  • Worn finish areas;
  • White or milky rings;
  • Small cracks;
  • Dull appearance;
  • Scratches, nicks and other minor blemishes.

Rejuvenating A Dull And Lifeless Furniture Finish

If the finish is in a good condition and only looks worn out, you can revive it by regular cleaning and waxing. The cleaning will remove any dirt from the surface while the wax will give it desired shine.

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