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Fenix Tactical Flashlights: Where Quality Meets Excellence

ByAnthony Hendriks

May 27, 2022
Fenix Tactical Flashlights

You’ll need a torch in more instances than you’d like to admit. One that provides a steady beam of light and is at your disposal every time. Torches come in all shapes and sizes, and have hundreds of uses. General-purpose torches are good when searching for tools in the shed when the power is out, industrial and heavy-duty work torches have outstanding brightness levels, build suited to the environment and longer run times, and tactical torches are purposeful everyday tools that can also be used for camping and hiking, in self-defence and law enforcement.

Tactical torches are the robust version of your standard torch, have higher brightness levels and can survive in harsh environments. They’re dependable, lightweight, use the latest lighting tech, boast military-grade build, and can double as a weapon. Many tactical torches punch above their weight with included features like front strike bezels and serrated caps, magnetic weapon mounts, knurled metallic grip and versatile tail switches for instant-on operation. Useful features in extreme survival scenarios, like powerful strobe lighting and extended run times, make them more appealing for a range of different uses.

The tactical torch market is flooded with scores of respected brands and one that is a cut above the rest is Fenix. Their tactical torch lineup includes the popular PD range with well-rounded and feature-rich torches, the TK series focusing on performance and stopping power, the everyday carry line of E torches, and when the highest brightness levels are necessary, their LR tactical torches.

fenix pd35 tac flashlight
source: kidzo.fr

The Fenix PD35 Range

Fenix caters to the distinct needs of buyers. The PD range of tactical torches is geared for professional use and is a favourite among law enforcement personnel. Tradies, hunters, hikers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts and the average bloke are offered a lighting package meant to last. There are different variations of the Fenix Pd35 For Sale, with varying light output and LED arrays, but all are housed in aircraft-grade aluminium casings. And this is in a slimline, compact body that is also lightweight and easy to carry.

Fenix hit for six with the first iteration in the PD line in 2013, and this is the torch that drew many customers to the brand. Following versions, like the PD35 TAC, PD 35 V2 and the current model, version three released last year added subtle improvements that increased light output and run times. This was helped along with newer LED chips and larger capacity batteries.

Fenix PD35 V3.0 – A Closer Look

The company has made a well-balanced, compact yet powerful tactical torch that is also affordable. On the lighting front, the torch has a maximum output of 1700 lumens, with a beam throw of 357 metres. This is provided by a single Luminus SFT40 LED shining in cool white and rated for up to 85 minutes.

The ‘Turbo’ setting can be dialled down, to High, Medium, Low and Eco modes, with Eco offering 5 lumens (enough to find keys) for a run time of a whopping 230 hours. There’s also a strobe function using full power output. The torch is powered by a single 18650 Lithium-Ion battery and recharged through a micro-USB port. The included LED battery status indicator tells you the remaining charge.

Turning the torch on is done either with the tail switch or the side-mounted mode switch. Scrolling through brightness levels is done by pressing and holding the side switch to the desired mode. The side switch also activates the strobe function. A unique feature is the memory function, with the torch turning on in the mode it was last used. All in all, operation is simple and fast.

Close up of Fenix PD35 v3.0
source: budgetlightforum.com

The Fenix PD35 is made of 6061 Aluminium and has an anodised coating for durability. It is waterproof, with an IP68 rating, and handles drops from heights with its high impact resistance. The LED and reflectors are set behind hardened anti-reflective coated glass. The mid-section is machined to a grippy texture for better handling. The only downside to the design is that it cannot tail stand, but switch the torch onto the machined bezel and it does just fine.

Carrying is also easy. The torch is small and light enough to be pocketable (134mm in length and 134 grams), but there are two lanyard holes in the tail switch and a metal clip for hands-free use. A nice touch is the included holster.

How Does It Compare?

Compared to its predecessors, the V3 offers better illumination at considerably further distances and with longer run times. And this is for the same asking price as other variants of the Fenix Pd35 For Sale. The subtle improvements in terms of functionality, speed, performance, ease of use and how the torch sits in the hands are worth the upgrade, even over the V2.

Competitors from other brands may have better overall brightness levels, and somewhat longer run time, but this comes with higher prices and a bigger footprint. And many aren’t built to the same standards as the Fenix PD35. If you want a capable, compact and cost-effective torch that can handle all of your lighting needs, then this is the one to go with.

By Anthony Hendriks

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