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Expanding Your Toyota’s Storage: Roof Bags vs Roof Boxes

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Planning your next trip in the vast Australian wilderness with your Toyota is going to be much easier if you’re confident you can easily haul all your gear. With the right storage solution, whether it’s roof racks or roof boxes, you can take all of your belongings without disrupting the comfort inside your cabin. But when shopping for these Toyota parts and accessories, how do you make sure you choose the best option for your needs? Well, both roof boxes and roof bags have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. While your choice will come down to personal preference to some extent, there are also some general truths that should be taken into account.

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But before I discuss roof bags and roof boxes, worth noting is that you may have to install a roof rack on your Toyota in order to securely strap the box or bag. Roof racks are permanent installments that you can find in Toyota parts and accessories dealerships or online stores. You can find roof racks that fit your specific model, make and year of Toyota to ensure a proper fit. When shopping for roof racks, make sure you get one that’s lightweight, yet strong. Aluminum is a popular material for manufacturing roof racks, and you should avoid plastic models at all costs.

There are 4 types of roof racks, and they differ in how they’re attached to your Toyota. Different vehicles use different attachments methods. For instance, some roof racks are specifically made for vehicles with raised roof rails, while others are made for vehicles with solid roof rails. Some roof racks are made for vehicles with fixpoints, while some roof racks are made for vehicles without fix points and rails. Depending on what type of rails your Toyota has, or if it doesn’t have, you should pick accordingly. Most of the time, you can fit a roof rack on your vehicle by yourself, but make sure you have a helping hand to prevent any mishaps during the installation process.

You can see how different roof racks perform by reading reviews online and watching YouTube videos, where manufacturers showcase their product, and people share their experiences with them. Buying the right type of roof rack is as important as buying the right roof bag or roof box. That being said, let’s get to discussing the advantages of roof bags versus the advantages of roof boxes.

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Roof Bags: Advantages and What to Consider

Roof bags are a great solution to improving your vehicle’s hauling ability. Some bags can provide storage space of up to 500L, which is more than enough for the average camper’s one week trip. One of the major benefits of cargo bags is that they’re easy to put away when not in use, due to the fact that you can easily fold them flat and store them away in a tight space. Further, roof bags are easy to install and use. You also don’t need any type of roof rack on your vehicle, so you can get ready and be on the road very quickly. And another major benefit of roof bags is that they’re the most affordable storage solution. And of course, these bags are completely weatherproof to ensure that your belongings are safe and sound, regardless of the weather.

When shopping for these Toyota accessories, you need to consider its size. Make sure the bag you get can fit your vehicle’s roof properly. What this means is that you shouldn’t buy a bag that’s too big or too small. If a bag is too big, especially, and it extends the length or width of the roof, it can become a hazard not only for you but for everyone else around you as well.

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Roof Boxes: Advantages and What to Consider

Roof boxes are arguably the best way to expand Toyota’s storage capacity. Roof cargo boxes protect all of your equipment inside a strong and hard plastic shell. You can compare the storage inside a roof box to one of your Toyota’s trunk. Just like trunks, roof boxes keep all of your belongings well-protected from even the harshest weather, as well as moisture. Further, these storage solutions protect all of your equipment from impact, something that a roof bag can’t do. The locking mechanism of roof boxes makes it so you can leave your Toyota unattended and rest assured nothing is getting stolen.

Similarly to when shopping roof bags, you need to consider the size of the roof box, as well as its weight. Since they’re made of hard, strong plastic, roof boxes can add a fair amount of weight to your Toyota. Further, make sure the roof box you opt for doesn’t affect your Toyota’s aerodynamics, otherwise you might lose on mileage. Although slightly more expensive than roof bags, roof boxes definitely won’t break your bank.

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