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Elegant or Casual: What Bridal Accessories Should You Choose

Bridal Accessories

Essential Bridal Accessories 

Brides have always been the centre of attention at weddings and their look is something everyone will be talking about long after the wedding is finished. That’s why every bride wants to look her best on this special day. You know what they say – the smallest details can make the biggest difference, and we couldn’t agree more.

The Earrings

bridal earrings
source: maisonsabben.com

To be honest, choosing the right pair of bridal earrings can be overwhelming. You can find so many options, different shapes, colours, styles and sizes. There are a few factors to keep in mind when shopping to find the model with the “wow” factor.

First, you should consider the style of your dress. If your dress has a high neckline, the best choice would be elegant drop earrings. Depending on the material of the dress, you can choose from many different styles, simple pearl drop wedding earrings, diamond ones or even earrings detailed with rubies or emeralds. The last two can give you a subtle royal touch. Or, another option would be simple stud earrings in different shapes, tear shapes, or a plain circle that will lengthen your neck.

Halter necklines look gorgeous while framing your shoulders and are a true eye-catcher. Short to medium-length drop earrings will be perfect to bring it all together. Of course, think about the material of the gown and choose the proper earring bling. With a lower, off the shoulder neckline, statement earrings will look best. Your open neck will give you the opportunity to choose whatever form and size you want. You can go from long crystal chandelier earrings to elegant floral drops. Sparkly diamonds or simple tassels can make you look more elegant, romantic and chic.  
It’s important not to leave your ears bare on this special day. It doesn’t matter if you decide to buy designer bridal earrings or something more budget-friendly – just remember to choose something light in weight because you’ll be wearing them all day. 

The Veil 

bridal veil
source: pinterest.com

The vail is probably the most traditional piece of bridal wear after the dress. It’s iconic and timeless and can make you feel that much more special on your wedding day. When you think about a bridal veil, a long, plain, white one probably comes to mind, but lately, designers have been so creative in manufacturing modern and versatile veils, that you have endless possibilities in choosing the right one. Nowadays, you can go for long, medium or short veils, decorated with sequins, diamonds, embroidery and even a pop of colour.  
Some of the main types of veils are: 

  • Blusher – this is the traditional veil that comes forward and covers the bride’s face and it’s usually 40cm long; 
  • Bouffant – very popular back in the 1960s this veil is simple and is perfect for brides with a shorter hairstyle. Its standard length will reach just enough to touch the shoulders;
  • Fingertip – this type of veil finishes at your fingertips and can go with every gown you can imagine, and complement brides at any age and size;
  • Waltz – this is an elegant veil that in its length goes down to touch the floor, or maybe come to 1cm off the floor. The length is mostly determined by the length of the dress;
  • Cathedral – this veil is more than 3.5m long but it’s truly elegant and classic. If you choose this veil, be sure to have someone that will help you while walking and setting it when you take photographs. It’s mostly worn in big cathedrals and places that have enough space for its size;
  • Royal – this one tops them all in length with its 4.5m. As the name suggests, it’s mostly worn by royals in big spacious places. Most brides don’t choose this type of veil because of its impracticality.  

Our advice is – if your dress is simple – bling up the veil, if your wedding dress is sparkly keep your veil simple. 


bridal crown
source: wed2b.com

Looking back through the years, tiaras have been a bridal favourite for a really long time. And your wedding day is an occasion on which wearing a tiara is more than justified. In combination with the dress, a tiara can make you feel like a princess. And when it comes to choices, there are so many. From delicate and elegant to oversized and sparkly, you can find the perfect one for your preferences.
Here are some of the options you have: 

  • Wishbone – this is a vintage style tiara that wraps around your head and rises to a point above the crown of the head. It works best with an updo or loose hair. 
  • Double band – this is just two simple semicircular bands that can be decorated with crystals. 
  • Bun wrap – while other types of tiaras are worn at the front of the head, this one is worn at the back, wrapped around a high bun. 
  • Wreath – this is an especially romantic tiara that is one of women’s favourites. It’s designed to be asymmetrical and looks like vines or flowers with leaves, often decorated with crystals and pearls. 
  • Headband – one of the sweetest and most simple tiaras is the headband. There is just one small detail that’s adding to its simplicity, and that’s a crystal flower or an ornament. 
  • Regal – this is a tiara that can be a bit over the top. It’s always higher and more decorated than the rest of them and it’s hard to make it work with the wedding dress.  

Whatever style you choose, make sure you position it right and match the overall style of the wedding.


bridal cover up
source: etsy.com

If you’re having a winter wedding, cover-ups are a must. They will provide comfort, add to the style and keep you warm all at once. A feathered shawl or a feathered cape will be perfect for a winter vibe and make you feel like an angel. One of our favourites is the leather jacket. This is something that can be personalized and custom made and will fit with every type of wedding shoe or gown you may have. And after the wedding, you can still wear it on a daily. Capes are something else entirely. They will give you a more sophisticated and stylized look that will show off your fashion sense. Many of the capes come with embroideries and patterns that will only add to the elegance.

To Sum Up

Your wedding gown won’t be complete without the right accessories. Starting from bridal earrings to cover-ups and tiaras, the choices are vast and versatile. You can mix and combine, add your personal touch, match with your partner or even with the style of your mum. Just be sure you love it, you’re comfortable in it and, most importantly, don’t overdo it.

By Jessie Sanner

Always weighing things, the life of a Libra isn’t easy and that’s something Jessie is well acquainted with as a Libra herself. The confusion with having to choose between things is what helps her write for the blog, in the hope of making it easier for readers who are indecisive themselves. Interested in contrasts, like period dramas and sci-fi, casual and classy outfits, fries and detox shakes, the life of this young lady is anything but boring. Or is it?