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Electric Scooters: The Most Popular Alternative Transport

Segway Ninebotsource: segway.com

Electric scooters have made a true revolution in transport all over the world and Canada is not an exception. If you’re someone who’s looking for an alternative means of transport, an e-scooter is the perfect choice. The best part about them is that they’re eco-friendly, lightweight, portable and very easy to handle. They’re a great replacement for cars, bikes and buses.

What to Consider When Buying

source: u-buy.co.nz

Range & Battery

One of the most important considerations when buying an e-scooter is the range and battery of the scooter. It refers to the distance it can go through before losing its power. This depends on several factors such as motor power, battery capacity, the scooter’s weight and speed and weather conditions.

So, if you’ve decided to buy this scooter, look for a high-end one that can travel long-range and for a long time. There are plenty of manufacturers on the market that offer different variations of these scooters. But one of the leading ones at the moment is Segway. They’ve created the high-capacity, cost-effective Segway Ninebot.

This series has very innovative features and long drive capacity. Their driving range can vary between 30-40km at a max speed of 25-30km/h. The scooters are lightweight, with just 15.8kg and have a payload of 120kg. You can choose between 3 riding modes, eco, standard and sports with just a click on the dashboard.

You can quickly calculate which scooter would be best for you. Just take the most common route you take from home to work. Add a few km to it for some detours or heavy traffic and look for a scooter that can easily cover it up.

Don’t forget the additional km, this way you’ll have time to make some detours or a few more stops away from your route. Consider the batteries as well. The higher the battery’s capacity, the bigger the range. Just remember that even high-quality batteries will start to degrade after 1,000 charges.

Weight and Portability

An easily portable scooter will make your life much easier. Yes, it’s great if it folds in half, but you should also be able to move it around without a lot of effort. Sometimes you’ll need to carry it up a flight of stairs or in an elevator. These scooters can weigh between 11-17kg depending on the manufacturer, the materials they’re made of and the features they have.

Simple features like a shoulder strap or a handle will make the scooter much easier to carry around. Some models even have an extra pair of wheels so you can roll them around. But this is considered an unnecessary feature because it adds to the scooter’s weight. Keep in mind that experts advise that the scooter shouldn’t hold more than 30% of your body weight.


Scooters naturally cannot be as fast as motorcycles or automobiles. Every nation has laws governing the maximum speed that riders are allowed to go and the acceptable speed range for scooters. Every city in Canada has its specific regulations when it comes to speed and speed limit, age of driving, where should people drive (sidewalks or roads) and requirements for brakes and lights. Before buying the scooter check the regulations in your city.

Rider’s Weight

Every scooter manufacturer has a weight limit when it comes to the driver’s weight. In general, it’s around 100-110kg. The same applies to the Segway Ninebot and all the scooters in the series. This is very important information because if you’re over the weight limit, the scooter will have a hard time performing. If you’re over 110kg, look for a scooter that can handle the weight. Otherwise, it’ll be much slower and have less range, and the motor and battery may get damaged and wear out prematurely.

Scooter’s Deck

The scooter’s deck plays a major role in how you ride. Before buying the scooter you should consider the deck’s shape, material, size and construction. Some scooters allow you to hop on the deck with both feet, while others have room for only your toes.

A lot of people find the larger decks more comfortable because there’s room for more movement and manoeuvrability. If you’re a beginner, a wider, bigger deck is perfect because you’ll get a better grip. On the other hand, a smaller and narrower deck is better for smaller people and the ones who want a lighter scooter to carry around.

Motor Power

Segway Ninebot Scooter
source: voltes.eu

Regular scooters have one, but the more powerful ones have dual motors. The unit of measurement representing the power of the motor is watts. The bigger the motor the higher the wattage. The lowest wattage for an e-scooter is 250. The most the scooter can go in wattage is 6,270 watts.

If you’re an adult riding mostly on flat terrain, don’t go lower than 250 wats. If the area you’re travelling in has steep hills, you’ll need a scooter with 350-500W. Sometimes, this might not be enough depending on the length of the hill. In this case, it’s better if you get a scooter with 500+ wattage. The Ninebot by Segway has a good wattage that can handle various terrains.


If you didn’t know what suspension is, it’s responsible for smoothing out your ride when you go over rough terrain such as rocks, bumps and indentions. Riding a scooter without suspension on an uneven or bumpy commute can be quite difficult and uncomfortable. There are three different kinds of suspension: rubber, hydraulic, and spring. A hydraulic and spring combination is an excellent option.

The spring one is very simple and uses spring coils as suspenders. This is a type of suspension you’ll find in cheaper, more affordable scooters. If you want something more efficient, choose the hydraulic suspension. This one is also more expensive, but it absorbs the shock of impact much better. Rubber suspensions are very adjustable, and you can tailor them to your needs.


There will be times when you’ll ride the scooter at night as well. In this case, you need good lighting for safety reasons. You only need two basic lights: a red light for the back and a white light for the front. You can also add a deck and stem lights for more visibility. If you want the cars behind you to really notice you, get a flashing red light for the back, it’s impossible to miss.

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