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Electric cars vs gasoline cars


May 21, 2013

There is an ongoing debate among car lovers over which cars have a brighter future – electric or gasoline cars. While it seems that for some reason people hardly accept replacing gasoline cars with electric ones, recent calculations in costs show that gas is becoming more and more expensive and that at some point electric cars will be more used. Moreover, costs can exceed normal price when the engine suffers serous damage and you have to take it to a car mechanic Melbourne auto shops, for instance, don’t offer service to all brands due to manufacturer contracts and can charge double for parts that are out of their brand list. Here’s an overview of pros and cons of both electric and gas cars.

Engine power

With gasoline engines, fuel is combined with air and a small sparkle to burn the fuel thus creating combustion inside the engine. Power from this combustion is used to spin drive wheels and start driving. This means that for more power you need bigger combustion or more fuel. Compared with electrical cars where engine power relies solely on a battery, overall costs are much bigger, but engine power can be much lower. While some recent models of electric cars have the ability to achieve more power, consequently costs rise and mileage reduces. So it is up to the driver to optimize his costs according to his needs.

Cost efficiency

There is no doubt about this one – electric cars are more cost efficient than gasoline cars. In fact , studies have shown that electric motors can achieve 6 times bigger cost efficiency compared to gas engines. Average cost per mile with a gas engine is around 35 cents while electric motors’ average is 20 cents per mile. Doesn’t this make you consider owning an electric car instead. Additionally, filling up the battery costs about 10 $ for most recent electric models. Another important part of the overall costs are maintenance costs. These are not so familiar with electric cars because not all mechanics perform this type of auto service Melbourne located mechanics who do repair electric motors are known to be expensive even for small repairs.


This is considered a weak spot for electric engine cars because most of them cannot exceed more than 50 miles with a full battery. And also, not all gas station are updated with battery charger. Gasoline-driven cars on the other hand, can reach up to 400 miles and maybe more for some models. So the final conclusion is that gas cars offer way more mileage than electric cars.

If we had this discussion 10 years ago people would probably laugh at the idea of a world with electric cars. But today their popularity have risen at the point where the score is even between these two technologies. And if the trend of higher gas prices continues, there is no doubt that in near future electric cars will be part of our everyday lives more than gasoline engine cars.

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