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DSLR or SLR Camera: Which is Better

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There are several camera designs nowadays, but digital ones are the most popular ones. They are constantly evolving and improving in today’s fast-paced marketplace, which means that there is a wide range from which you can choose. If you are new to the camera and photography world, you are probably wondering which one is the better option for you. In order to ease your search, we have decided to make a comparison between the two most popular types of cameras SLR and DSLR. But before we start our revealing journey, it is of vital importance to mention that investing in high-quality camera is worth every penny. Nowadays, you can choose among many, but buying from a reputable and trustworthy online store is the ideal way to ensure that you will receive the best deal for your money. When it comes to online camera stores Australia has to offer a lot, but only the most popular and reliable ones can supply you with the highest-quality branded cameras.


And now, let’s get back to the manner in hand and see the differences between these two beauties.

Difference Between DSLR and SLR Cameras

SLR simply stands for Single-Lens Reflex, and DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex sometimes referred to as digital SLR.

When looking at the way these cameras take pictures, one can deduce that they both operate on the same design principle. Light enters the lens and is reflected upwards or downwards by a mirror into the camera’s viewfinder. The photographer then adjusts the settings to their liking and takes the photo.


The biggest difference between a SLR and DSLR is the method in which the camera records the images. SLR cameras use film to capture pictures, typically in a 35mm format, while DSL capture photos and videos in digital format onto a memory card. One of the biggest advantages to having a DSLR camera over an older SLR is the ability to store thousands of photos on a single memory card versus only a limited number of photos on a role of film. For this reason, DSLR cameras are the most popular choice among professional photographers, photojournalists, as well as shutter-bugs as well.

A couple of other advantages to keep in mind is that with digital tech, you can see the photo that you have taken right away and delete it if you are not happy. You can see that on the back screen of the camera, or when you connect the camera to a computer. It is pretty easy to edit it once it is already in the digital format, and you can print it or share it with friends.


DSLR cameras are also great for budding photographers as they can offer live previews, and don’t waste the film when they make some unintentional mistakes.

As you can see, there is quite a difference between these two types of cameras, but without any doubt, DSLR is the perfect option. Since there are a lot of popular cameras, before you choose one of the many online camera stores Australia experts recommend to consult with professional photographers or with the team of experts from the chosen store and choose the right type of camera for your needs.

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