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Dress or Pants: What to Wear as the Mother of the Bride?

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A lot has changed since you were a bride, so you might be confused about what the acceptable mother of the bride attire currently is. When you got married, mothers of the bride used to be expected to only wear matronly evening dresses in washed-out shades of beige or light pastels. However, this is not the case today. Nowadays, the mothers of brides are free to choose whatever they like from the great variety of options – even pants and pantsuits!

But although they may have more freedom to express their personal style, being spoiled for choice can also be incredibly overwhelming. You can also easily make the mistake and wear something that doesn’t match your body type or the overall setting. So, to help you clear up some of the confusion and make sure you look flawless on your daughter’s wedding day, here are some important things to consider when it comes to choosing between a dress and pants.

mother of the bride evening dresses

Mother of the Bride Evening Dresses

Going for a dress is often considered a less complicated choice than picking pants as you don’t have to worry about finding a matching top. Plus, evening dresses are always suitable for formal events such as weddings. However, there are still other things to have in mind when exploring the wide offer of mother of the bride evening dresses. For one, you need to find a dress with a cut that perfectly suits your body type. It should hide the things you want to be hidden and highlight the parts you love about yourself.

For instance, if you’re a little insecure about your arms, you can browse through the wide range of long-sleeved or quarter-sleeved mother of the bride evening dresses. Cape sleeves are also a great idea for summer weddings as they let the skin breathe better. Another alternative for hiding your arms is to put on a shawl that perfectly goes with the dress.

If you want to hide your tummy, an A-line dress is the perfect way to do so – plus it helps create a flattering silhouette. A great way to create a focal point that draws the eye upward to your face is to choose a sweetheart neckline. This neckline also has a romantic vibe which is perfect for a wedding.

If you have great legs, don’t be shy about showing them. There’s no rule that says all mothers of the bride should be covered with metres of fabric. Cocktail length dresses are also an elegant option. Plus, shorter dresses are so much easier to dance and move around in – and you’ll be doing a lot of that. In any case, when choosing the shape and length of the dress, go with something that’s both comfortable and flatters your figure at the same time.

But that’s not all, the fabric you choose can also influence whether the dress flatters you or not and how you feel wearing it. For instance, lace often attracts attention, so you don’t want it to be near the spots you want to hide. And the same goes for shiny fabrics such as satin and velvet. Simple, matte fabrics are a far better choice if you don’t want to accentuate certain parts of your body. Sheer fabrics are a great option for summer weddings as they are lightweight and breathable.

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Mother of the Bride Pants

Even though most go for dresses, in reality, any type of formal wear is suitable for the mother of the bride, even pants. So, if you’ve been spending most of your life in pants, it’s perfectly acceptable to opt for pants for your daughter’s wedding day. Whether matched with a suitable top or as part of a pantsuit or jumpsuit, wearing pants is a flattering choice as it’s elongating and slimming. Plus pants are so easy to move in and elegant when chosen right.

But just like evening dresses, there’s a wide offer to choose from and some important things to consider. For one, if you’re petite it’s good to go for a pantsuit with a short, fitted jacket that ends just at or below the waist. The same goes if you plan to match pants with a separate top. When going for pants and top combination, wearing the same or similar colors looks more elongating. And when it comes to jumpsuits, you can’t go wrong with them as they often look very flattering on petite women.

Tall women, on the other hand, can get away with a pantsuit that includes a longer jacket with sleeves that finish on the wrist. What’s more, taller ladies can also match a top and pants in a different colour. You can also wear a statement belt if you don’t want to look too long and straight. If you go for a darker colour, wearing statement jewellery can help soften the look so that you don’t look too imposing.

Going for a long straight coat that ends at the knees or slightly above is a popular style with mothers of the bride as besides looking elegant, it also helps hide potential insecurities as a round tummy or fuller hips.

By Jessie Sanner

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