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Dog Cooling Mats: Keep Your Hot Furry Friend Chilled

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Have you ever considered how can you assist your dog in dealing with the unbearably hot days of an Australian summer? If your dog is panting after lengthy walks, a more efficient cooling solution may be required to release the extra heat. A dog cooling mat might be the answer to this issue.

Dog cooling mats are designed to keep dogs cool and comfortable on hot summer days. Some cooling mats for dogs are comprised of non-toxic gel that cools down on its own, while others must be frozen before use. You’ll also discover a variety of dog cooling carpets in various sizes, as well as some beds with cooling gel. With that being said, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog mats, in order to help you find the ideal option for your pooch.

Organic and Animal-Friendly Materials of Dog Mats

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Because your dog will be enjoying this device for a long period of time, the materials used in cooling mats are absolutely important. Your dog may smell, lick its paws, or even gnaw on the mat itself, so it’s better to choose the most organic and non-toxic materials on the market.

Nylon is the most common option since its resistant to wear and tear and is a super breathable material. Nylon is non-toxic and petroleum-based, and its polymers are non-reactive which aren’t thought to be hazardous for your dog’s health. While the gel padding is non-toxic, we always recommend that you take your pet to the clinic if they eat any portion of it. Mats composed of latex, plastic, rubber, or foam should be avoided since they sweat and retain moisture.

The Dimension Appropriate for Your Dog

There is no place for discrimination based on the size of your pet, all of the cooling pads and mats are available in a range of sizes. It’s important to purchase the correct dimension for your dog. If the cooling pad is too small, your dog will not be able to cool down properly, and it would be a waste of money. If it is too large, it may be less efficient, since some cooling mats are activated by the weight of the dog.

A few other concerns are where you intend to place the cooling mat. Is it necessary for it to fit inside a kennel or crate? If that’s the case, you’ll need to measure the place you intend on placing it.

Water and Gel Activated Cooling Mats

The contents of a Pet Cooling Mat vary depending on the type of cooling mat purchased. So all that’s inside are basic cooling mats that you fill with tap water. Other cooling mats contain specific chemical ingredients. They can keep your dog cooler for longer, but they might also pose a health risk if your dog chews on the mat and digests the gel.

A Water-Filled Mat has the benefit of being both the safest and most inexpensive choice. You only need to fill them with cold tap water. It should be noted that they can leak, spill, or get mildewy. Some cooling mats have ice packs that must be chilled overnight before inserting them back into the mat. If it’s extremely cold, your dog may find them unpleasant at first.

These gel-based Cooling Mats do not require water or energy to activate. They operate by using a chemical in the pad to absorb the dog’s heat and cool them down. When the dog lies down on it, it activates by weight, and it will re-charge itself automatically after a short time of inactivity. If you wish, you may freeze or refrigerate these mats to make them cooler. If you opt to buy a Pressure Activated Cooling Pad, it is typically advised to use it exclusively in the shade. If you expose them to direct sunlight, the gel may absorb the heat and cease to function.

Why Your Dog Will Love Their New Cooling Mat?

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Heatstroke, fatigue, and dehydration may all strike dogs and cats without warning, which is why it is critical to provide them with the tools they need to stay cool. A cooling mat keeps your pet comfortable while minimising health risks that are commonly caused by excessive heat.

If your dog has a thick coat of fur, the chance of a heat stroke is way higher. Temperature fluctuations and the summer season causes seasonal shedding in pets. This process is oftentimes referred to as “blowing coat.” When the temperature heats up, dogs lose their winter undercoats to make room for a lighter summer coat, so they tend to shed more. Having a separate area for your pet to relax may help to reduce shedding in other areas of the house.

Provides Some Comfort During Car Rides

Whether you’re riding to the beach or getting back after a muddy hiking session with your pup, cooling mats will provide the ultimate relief for them. And, under no circumstance, should you leave your dog trapped inside a car during a heatwave, automobiles quickly transform into heat boxes, much hotter than the temperature outside.

The cooling mats are portable and very easy to clean, they can fit any place in the trunk or back seat, and the easy-fold design makes storage and travel a breeze.

No More Searching for Cold Floor Tiles to Lay On

If you’ve ever returned home and noticed your dog looking for the coldest spot in the house, maybe the chilly kitchen tiles, under the bed, or up against the wall, your dog is desperate to find the coldest position. When you initially introduce the cooling pad to your dog, it will always prefer the comfortable and instant relief over any tile in the house.

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