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DIY or Professional Upholstery Cleaning

If you have chairs and/or sofas that need to be cleaned, you may be wondering whether to use some cleaning solutions or to hire professionals to get the work done. In order to choose the best option, you need to consider several factors, such as:

1.How dirty is your upholstery?

Analyzing how dirty your upholstery is can help you to decide whether you can do it yourself or you will need to hire a upholstery cleaning company. Things to consider are: how big are the stains? can they be easily cleaned? If you have tried to remove the stains by yourself and ended with no satisfactory results, it is time for you to hide a professional upholstery cleaning company.

2. What material covers your upholstery?

If your upholstery is made of different fabric, then hiring a professional upholstery cleaning company is definitely your best choice. This is because the cleaning products found in related stores are not designed to be used on different fabrics. This way, the chances to damage your upholstery are quite big.

3. Do you have the time to do it yourself?

If you have time, then you should try to do it yourself. However, with this modern and fast-living life, free time is no longer available, especially not for cleaning your home. Therefore, a professional upholstery cleaning service can be the most cost and time-effective choice for you. People have a wrong impression by thinking that if it is done by themselves it will much cheaper. Considering the fact that you have to buy cleaning products, rent cleaning machines and maybe take a day off to get it done, all this can be more expensive than hiring a cleaning professional.

4. Is your upholstery under warranty?

If your upholstery is under warranty, then you will make a huge mistake if you decide to clean it on your own. This is because you can invalidate the warranty. Contact the company that have issued the warranty and discus with them about how to clean your upholstery. They will probably recommend a professional upholstery cleaning, because they are qualified and have the skills to perform the most appropriate cleaning for your upholstery.

By Jessie Sanner

Always weighing things, the life of a Libra isn’t easy and that’s something Jessie is well acquainted with as a Libra herself. The confusion with having to choose between things is what helps her write for the blog, in the hope of making it easier for readers who are indecisive themselves. Interested in contrasts, like period dramas and sci-fi, casual and classy outfits, fries and detox shakes, the life of this young lady is anything but boring. Or is it?