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Design a Cozy Coffee Nook Worth Waking Up To

ByAnthony Hendriks

May 5, 2016
modern coffee nook

I have always admired those apartments that are on the high floors of very tall buildings and designed with large windows or glass walls from the side that offer a better view. Can you imagine anything better than waking up and being saluted by the shining sun that automatically overwhelms you with a burst of positive energy? Well OK, I can think of a thing or two that would be better, but let’s leave that aside and concentrate on the interior design and how you can make the most of a bliss like this.


Among the best things in the morning is the smell of the freshly made, hot coffee. That’s actually the reason why I tend to wake up an hour earlier; I take a shower while the machine is making my coffee. And I take my morning coffee ritual seriously; the sunlight, good music on the radio and my spot in front of my large windows. I sit on my chair, stretch my legs on the ottoman and meditate for a few moments in that heavenly beauty; long enough to prepare myself for the stressful day ahead.

Talking about interior design, the chair and ottoman moment is most important here; you need a good scenery for the ritual to actually be successful. Think Feng-Shui: the furniture and the way it is arranged has very large influence on your mood and productivity. So, consider a few good examples of a chair and ottoman duo:

A womb chair and ottoman

Like the name says: a womb chair. My personal favourite because when you sit in it, you get carried away by the level of comfort it offers. The chair is a little bit rounded and it hasn’t got any sharp edges like an actual chair. Add a large pillow for extra softness and turn another alarm on for 15 minutes because this combo is going to lure you into sleeping.
The womb chair is definitely a modern chair; you can’t combine it with wooden furniture because it simply doesn’t add up. Instead, make sure the coffee table is of contemporary style, something with metal elements preferably, so it contributes to a modern atmosphere. Oh, and make sure it’s in a accentuating colour, like red, or screaming blue.

A papa bear chair with ottoman

Think the papa bear chair is funny? Wait until you sit on it! Contrary to the womb chair, this one has sharper edges, and it’s more adequate for elegant or traditionally styled rooms. It has solid armrests, so it’s good for those who like to open a newspaper early in the morning or do a little morning browsing on your tablet or laptop.

The armchair and ottoman set

This is kind of the perfect blend between the best features of a womb chair and a papa bear chair: it has the elegance and good look of the womb chair and the comfort provided by the armrests of the papa bear chair. It’s an elegant chair that can easily work as an accent chair if you choose the right colour. Along with a simply designed ottoman, this combo would be perfect for your coffee corner in either the living room, or your bedroom (why not?). And since this is a bit of a formal version of this set, you can easily place it in your office as well. Why deplete yourself from a few moments of perfect rest, right?

By Anthony Hendriks

The life of the party, Anthony is always up for spending some time with family and friends, when not blogging of course! Ever since a child, his love for books of mystery, race cars and travelling keeps on growing so it's difficult for him to single out that one all-time favourite hobby. If there's one thing he hates, though, it's having pictures taken but you already guessed that from his choice of plant photo for the blog.