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Daily Hair Care Routine: Comparing the Different Types of Beauty Hair Products

Beauty Hair Products

Are you experiencing more and more bad hair days lately? Your hair may seem dull, frizzy or lifeless no matter the effort and the time you spend styling it. How your hair looks more often depends on caring than styling. If you have already established a good hair care routine and still aren’t satisfied with how it looks, it may be time to change something. And, if you haven’t created a daily care routine for your hair, now it’s the perfect time to start. What is a proper hair care routine? A good hair regimen entails more than a shampoo and a conditioner. It’s about using the right hair care products for your hair type.

By now, you may have determined your type. If you haven’t, worry not because we’re here for you. Not only will we help you determine your hair type, but we will also compare different beauty hair products to include in your daily hair care routine.


Determine Your Hair type

If you want to buy the right hair products for your hair care routine, you must determine your hair type. And sometimes, this takes more than knowing your hair texture. Often, you must consider several factors to determine your type.

  • Hair diameter. Take a single strand of your hair and compare it to sewing thread. If it’s as wide as the thread, your hair is probably thick or medium. If it’s slimmer, you’re probably on the thin side.
  • Your hair density is how many hair strands you have on your head. Take a handful of hair from one side of your head and turn it to the other How much of your scalp can you see? If your scalp is much visible, you probably have hair of low density. If you can barely see your scalp, your hair is highly dense.
  • Hair elasticity refers to how long can your hair hold a styling. Thin hair often doesn’t have much elasticity, while normal to thick hair has high elasticity. Yet, this isn’t a rule because every person’s hair is different.
  • If you want to know how well will your hair take in moisturising agents and serums, you want to know its porosity. You can test this by taking a hair strand and put in a bowl with water. If it flows, it doesn’t have good absorbance or may be oily. If it sinks to the bottom, it absorbs water well. This can be due to thickness, or it’s damaged and needs to be moisturised.
  • The last and easiest factor is texture. Your hair may be straight, wavy or curly. Keep this in mind when you buy hair care products.

Different Hair Products for Every Step of Your Daily Routine

Wash Your Hair with the Right Shampoo

Washing for your hair care is what’s cleansing in your skincare: the first and most crucial step. To take all the hair treatment products you’ll apply later, your hair needs to be clean. Natural hair oils are essential for your hair health only when they haven’t been on your scalp for too long. Otherwise, they’re just a build-up of grease and hair product residue. In the past, we were advised not to wash our hair more than three times a week. Nowadays, the experts say that you need to wash your hair once it becomes oily. This means there’s no rule for how often you should wash your hair as each person’s hair’s different. For some people, this means washing it once a day. For others – once a week.

No matter how often you wash your hair, it’s very important to find the right shampoo for you. Having your hair type in mind is vital when choosing a shampoo. If you have thin and oily hair, you’ll greatly benefit from shampoo for oily hair, as it contains agents that won’t do well for dry hair. If you have curly hair, washing it with special curly hair shampoo will help define your locks.

Source: goodto.com/

Apply the Right Conditioner

Using a hair conditioner is a must for every type of hair, especially for thick and dry hair, which is prone to damage. There are regular conditioners and leave-in conditioners, as well as hair masks. You should apply a regular conditioner every time after washing your hair. That way, you can comb or brush through it without pulling it off. It’s a vital step for keeping your hair soft and well moisturised to absorb better other hair treatments like serums or heat protectants. Many people are concerned about the ingredients that most conditioners contain. If that’s your concern, know that there are some natural options to buy or even DIY. Regarding leave-in conditioners, oils and masks, it’s best to use them in moderation: once or twice a week tops.

To Dye or Not to Dye?

If dying grey hair was once a norm, it is only an option nowadays. Having their natural grey hair is a rising trend that more and more women and men embrace wholeheartedly. If this is you, make sure you give your grey crown the nourishment and the care it needs, as it can quickly become brittle and dull.

If you decide on colouring your hair or having it highlighted, make sure to use only high-quality hair dyes, as they can significantly impact the health and look of your hair. Also, don’t forget to treat your coloured hair properly, using beauty hair products for coloured (treated) hair.

Source: studio99salons.com/

Protect Your Hair From the Sun and Heat

Our skin needs to be protected from the UVA/B lights, so we’re advised to regularly apply SPF products to protect it from ageing and damage. The same stands for our hair. Additionally, we need to protect our skin not getting damaged by the heat of styling devices like hair flatteners and curling irons. There are products designed specifically for this, so try using them regularly to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Final Thoughts

Many factors contribute to hair health and look. Having a daily hair care routine using professional hair care products is very important. Choose and buy only high-quality hair products for your hair for an authentic salon-like look and feel.

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