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Custom Or Pre-Made Cabinets


May 16, 2013 #Bathroom Cabinets

Kitchen is definitely the room, right after the living room, where people spend most of their time and is thus important to pay attention to every detail when renovating it. Well designed and properly equipped kitchen will save you extra work, time and plenty of annoyance. Regardless of whether you stay in the kitchen for two hours or two minutes, it is extremely important for it be clean, comfortable and functional. It is important that your kitchen is not monotonous, therefore carefully choose everything from the color of the walls and kitchen cabinets to all accessories. The same rule applies to bathrooms as well. Although many do not pay much attention to bathroom area, an organized bathroom is a must. Thus, do not ignore this frequently used room.

So, if you are planning a kitchen or a bathroom renovation, you’ve most likely read many magazines, visited many bathroom or kitchen cabinets Melbourne showrooms and browsed on-line for hours in search of the one that will inspire you design your own. Not many people can afford such hi-tech kitchens or spa-like bathrooms, but can still make a good look-a-likes. The best way to accomplish this is with custom cabinetry. Many may argue it is far more expensive than pre-made cabinets, but in a long run, custom-made is definitely a better investment. Of course, your budget is the main factor when deciding, but if you want to have a long-lasting and durable cabinets, custom is the way to go. Read on to find out why custom cabinets are better when compared to pre-made ones.

Durability – Custom-made cabinets are made out of higher quality wood and medium-density fiberboard material which is why they can better endure frequent use, steam and heat and avoid possible water damage, an important factor when it comes to bathroom. This is not true for pre-made cabinets which are mostly made out of plywood. Therefore, to avoid frequent bathroom cabinet repairs or replacements, visit one of many bathroom cabinets Melbourne makers and enjoy.

Longevity – If you choose to have your cabinets custom-made to fit your needs, you’ll surely get long-lasting products. Their durability is why they last longer and ultimately save money.

Uniqueness – You’ve always wanted a magazine kitchen. Well, with custom you can have it. Custom cabinetry gives you freedom in design, layout, color and style. You can be sure your kitchen or bathroom will not greatly resemble your neighbor’s.

Comfort – We all want to feel comfortable in our homes. In any room. Anytime. Comfort is not one of pre-made cabinetry’s characteristics. But, custom-made cabinets will definitely ensure complete comfort regardless of whether you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom.

If you still think custom cabinetry is way out of your planned budget, know that there are many kitchen and bathroom cabinets Melbourne shops that can still design and make a nice quality kitchen on a budget. You can save by choosing cheaper handles, not installing soft closing mechanism on doors and drawers, and choose medium-density fiberboard counters rather than granite or marble ones. It would be best to consult few bathroom or kitchen cabinets Melbourne workshops for best and most practical design that will fit your budget.

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