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Corporate Beer Gifting: Beer Packs or Beer Kits?

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Making it in the corporate world depends on so much more than making the right investments. If you’ve been in business for some time, you probably know how important the right networking can be in spreading the word about your company, and staying afloat with all the competition around. Simply said, making friends and nurturing these friendships is something you can rely on as it can only benefit your company.

One of the tried-and-tested solutions that always proves to be of help with leaving a good impression on your corporate friends, be they employees, colleagues, business partners, investors, or clients, is gift-giving. Not only can such a move establish a happy work environment everyone can benefit from, with a boost in trust, motivation, and morale, but it can also set the company up for years of success with respect and appreciation as the backbones.

As important of a strategy as it is, it’s understandable if you find it to be somewhat of a hassle when deciding on the perfect gift. To make matters easier, and come up with something they like, try and discover what their favourite drink is and take it from there. A drink is always a good idea! If it’s the case with a hophead, then you’re in luck as I’m going to provide you with two equally great options of corporate beer gifts that are sure to add a smile to the recipient’s face.

Beer Gift Packs

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When in doubt about the specific type of beer that’s their favourite, you don’t have to become a sleuth or ask around to be successful with the gift when you choose to surprise them with a mixed beer pack. One of the obvious reasons to choose this option is to provide them with the chance to broaden their beer tasting from craft beers from the country as well as abroad.

You’re in luck because there are various corporate beer gifts that consist of diverse ingredients, making for extraordinary flavours they can have fun trying to pair with their favourite foods and bring out the cicerone in them. This is also a perfect solution for any beer lover who doesn’t have the opportunity to travel off to far away places to get a taste of the exotic ingredients and flavours. From packs with traditional Belgian and German beers, to the best of the Australian craft scene, there’s plenty to shop from.

In case you’re after something even more unique than this, there are incredible style-specific and limited-edition boxes too, all neatly sorted and wrapped. The wrap itself is part of the corporate beer gifts you can use to your advantage considering some of the boxes come with a “thank you” message, whereas others are more festive specific for the big holidays like Christmas. Depending on where you choose to buy from, it may be possible to get your custom-printed boxes too, with your company’s logo added on it as the perfect marketing strategy.

Moreover, in addition to the various ingredient, alcohol content, taste and flavour options, the beer retailers can also provide you with many choices in terms of the size of the packages. There are smaller packs consisting of four beers, then there are the bigger six, eight, and ten beer hampers with more mixed craft beers for the recipient to try. From the big ones, you have the 12 and the 24, and the special beer subscription boxes to treat them to something new on a weekly or monthly basis.

Beer Gift Kits

beer gift for birthday
source: brewquets.com.au

If you want to provide them with a unique experience beyond beer tasting, something they could carry on for the rest of their lives, and maybe even turn into more than a passion, then you’ve got the beer recipe kit alternative. If this practice becomes so much more than a hobby, you can be sure they’d remember it was your gift that started it all and that’s more than a reason in favour of these kits.

That’s not to say the hampers aren’t worthy, but this is a somewhat different perspective to beer drinking as it gives them the chance to first experiment with creating their favourite beers or coming up with something totally new and unique on their own before tasting it. Such a hobby is perfect as it allows them to understand all that it takes to create the golden liquid.

Do beer making kits work? Yes, they sure do, as they come with all the ingredients your giftee would need to start creating their craft beers. There are different options of kits ranging in price as much as quality, type and quantity of ingredients, like type of malt, yeast and hops, and tools, so it all boils down to how much you’re willing to pay and the kind of beer making experience you want to offer your recipient.

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