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Complete Your Outfit with a Tote Bag: Choose Stylish or Eco Friendly

You will hear “it is not easy being a woman” mentioned occasionally, especially because women have a great deal of chores at hand and many errands to complete on a daily basis. Along with this, pampering oneself also takes up some time and staying healthy and fit requires more practice to keep on the right path and steer off unhealthy snacks and midnight cravings. When it comes to style, it takes preparations too, and in the world of constantly being pressed for time, you have to give practicality attention as well. If there is one thing a woman cannot do without, then it has to be a bag, both from a stylish and functional point of view.

ladies tote bags

As they say, you will find everything in a woman’s bag, and this purpose gives it a rather personal role, the role of an everyday companion. Depending on the job you have and the amount of items you need, you will choose the bag space and compartments accordingly. The name tote itself comes from the verb meaning carrying something, and when tote bags first appeared they became so popular that they quickly turned from casual to multi-use bags. Whether you are into style and looking chic every time everywhere, or are more laid-back and do not worry about getting a matched outfit, you can choose from the many types of ladies tote bags.

Stylish ladies tote bags in particular are must-have as there is an endless number of models that you can use to combine most of your outfits with. They are as fashionable as can be, and they come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes so you have plenty to choose from, with adjustable straps, handles and pockets. If you take care of them properly, stylish totes can be your companion for years as they are made to be durable. You can use your tote to store your knick knacks, make-up essentials and if it is big enough, you can store your electronics (mobile phone, iPad, MacBook). Along with using these bags for your strolls in the city, park, dinner events, you can use them as travel bags to store items for your trips as well.

Different from stylish totes, eco friendly models are simpler and made from natural materials, cotton and linen cloth, and they are designed to be reused and recycled. They are versatile though not as much as the stylish ones, and they are mainly just one large compartment. These totes are better suited with casual styles and can perfectly be used as beach bags.

Tote bags also make the perfect gift for the ladies in your life and you know it is money well spent because they are the accessory that completes an outfit.

By Anthony Hendriks

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