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Comparison of the Different Types of Pallet Trucks

Pallet Trucks

Having a warehouse requires a lot more than just having space to store items. It needs to be well-organised and you should make the most out of its space, have the right handling equipment and properly trained employees. When it comes to the necessary handling equipment, besides forklifts, your staff will also need pallet trucks.

What Is a Pallet Truck?

A pallet truck, also known as a pallet jack or a pump truck, is a wheeled trolley that is designed to lift and transport wooden pallets. Usually, the pallets are placed over the truck’s forks and once secured, with the help of the pump handle, they can be raised or lowered, depending on your needs. Besides in warehouses, pallet trucks can also be used in stockrooms and in any other spaces where wooden pallets need to be moved from one place to another.

source: directindustry.com

Types of Pallet Jacks

There is a range of pallet truck for sale models ranging in purpose, load weight and way of operation. Getting to know their differences and uses can surely make your buying decision easier.

Manual Pallet Jacks

This is the simplest and most affordable type of a pallet jack for sale on the market with a load capacity of around 2500kg. A manual truck for pallets is usually made of a steel machine and a hydraulic pump and is operated by pumping the handle up and down. When operating it, the user should position the two forks under the pallet in order to move it, raising it up and down. Once done, the load then is steered with the handle in order to take it to the needed destination. A pallet truck like this is one of the most commonly used types as it’s light in weight and size and can be stored anywhere. It can even fit in a van. However, this truck is not the best choice for moving heavier loads over long distances as that can be quite difficult for the operator.

manual pallet truck
source: survivaltechshop.com

Electric Pallet Truck

Also known as electric walkie behind or walkie pallet jack, an electric pallet truck for sale is almost twice the size of a manual pallet jack with a lifting capacity of 2000 – 2700kg. As the name implies, instead of pumping it by hand, it is powered by an on-board battery pack or by an industrial battery. When in use, the operator must walk behind or alongside the truck. One of the greatest benefits of this truck is its way of operation. By only pressing one button, the operator can lift and lower the loads without straining their body.

source: jungheinrich.cn/

Unlike manual trucks, with these trucks, there is no need for the operator to pull the load or the machine. Their battery needs to be recharged on a regular basis and they also require more maintenance because they have more moving parts than manual trucks. Although the operator doesn’t need to hold the load with their hands, they still need to walk alongside the truck which might not make it the most appropriate solution for moving loads on long distances. Besides in warehouses, these trucks can also be used in freezers, beverage and food storages, and in retail.

Rider Pallet Jack

Quite similar to the electric pallet jack, rider trucks differ from the walkie because of their additional riding platform. Just like the walkie, the rider is also powered by an industry battery, and its biggest advantage is that the operator can step onto the riding platform instead of walking beside or behind it. This can certainly ease moving, especially when going longer distances. Just like the walkie, the rider also has a few controls which can ease the operator’s job. One of the biggest disadvantages of this truck is that the operator is obligated to stand in an awkward position, which can make them more exposed to hazards. Unlike the aforementioned models, the rider is bulkier and heavier which is why it is mainly used in larger warehouses and manufacturing industries.

Center Rider Pallet Truck

Also known as a front rider, the centre rider pallet truck is almost the same as the basic rider truck, only safer. The main reason for the increased operator’s safety is the truck’s ergonomic design that allows the operator to fully face forwards or backwards. On the other hand, the operator’s safety is also increased by the side machine chassis which offers better machine protection. When compared to the rider truck, the centre one makes it harder to turn. This jack is mainly used in general warehouses and manufacturing.

pallet truck warehouse operator
source: ssi-schaefer.com

Weighing Scale Pallet Rack

Unlike the other types, the weighing pallet jack displays the weight of the load. Its biggest advantage is that caters to a specific niche and is great for loading bays and factory floors. These jacks also allow a printer to be attached in order to print the weight or some other load specifications.

Do You Need a Licence for Electric Pallet Truck?

As with most machinery, you certainly don’t need a license to be able to operate any of the aforementioned pallet trucks. However, proper training is more than needed so that the operator is able to handle the job with ease and without any hazards.

How Many Pallets Can Fit on a Truck?

This usually depends on the pallet’s size and on the jack’s load capacity. However, a good pallet organization is more than needed in situations like this. One of the most common problems with transporting the pallets is their preparation, which is why you should carefully consider a host of factors that can play a role in their ease of transport and safety while doing so.

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