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Comparing the Most Popular New Balance Model Numbers

new balance shoessource: pexels.com

Those who are super invested in sports shoes know the difference between a good and a bad shoe. If it happens that you’re this person, you’re most likely always on the hunt for the next best soles. Brands like Nike and Adidas are considered “the giants” in the world of athletic footwear and finding a brand that can stand next to these huge names is another level of success.

There is another brand that has long been a standout name in the sneaker industry and whose sneaker designs are instantly recognisable. Renowned for their exceptional comfort and performance, New Balance shoes are some of the most iconic sneakers ever produced. Each sneaker release is assigned a number instead of a name and each number signifies something specific.

Comparing the Features of the Most Popular Series: New Balance Numbers and Their Meanings

The numbers range between 990 and 1080, each offering something unique. Find the most popular models of New Balance in Canada and step into your next favourite soles.

574 Release

new balance 574
source: sneakernews.com

The 574 model is easily one of the most recognizable series you can find in Canada from New Balance. They are mostly associated with casual lifestyles and wear. This sneaker combines retro style and modern comfort features. The material used for these series is suede and they are designed with ENCAP midsole technology to provide support and durability. They come in a wide range of colours and are perfect for casual, everyday wear.

990 Release

The 990 series is iconic in the New Balance lineup for several good reasons. It all dates back to its debut in 1982 and, since then, these series have undergone several iterations to appeal to a wider range of ages and tastes. The 990 model stands out the test of time as a symbol of quality and American manufacturing. It is crucial to note that some models are manufactured in the USA, while others in the UK.

The 990 sneakers are made with high-quality materials such as suede and mesh upper for added breathability. They too are designed with ENCAP midsole technology which is a combination of a lightweight foam and a durable polyurethane rim. The dual-density foam collar enhances the comfort around the ankle, and as such these sneakers are ideal for running, walking and everyday use.

993 Release

The 993 is part of the 990 series but has some improvements in regards to cushioning and stability. They are also made from suede with a mesh upper similar to the 990 but with slight updates. These sneakers have an ABZORB cushioning technology in the midfoot which provides exceptional shock absorption. They are ideal for those who seek extra cushioning and stability and are popular among runners and those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

996 Release

The 996 was first released in 1989. The upper is a combination of suede and mesh, very similar to the previous releases. It has ENCAP technology which provides durable cushioning and support and has a C-CAP midsole for extra support. These sneakers are great for casual wear and light running.

997 Release

Another super stylish model that has a mesh breathable finish. If you’re looking for sneakers that you can wear every day for casual activities, then this series might be exactly what you’re looking for. They have a lightweight and durable rubber for improved traction and ENCAP and C-CAP midsole for superior cushioning and stability.

550 Release

The 550 design was originally released in 1989 and re-released in 2020 with some improvements. The sneaker is designed with an upper which is a combination of leather and synthetic, and has a cushioned midsole and rubber outsole. The 550 is a classic basketball silhouette with retro design elements. If you are fond of retro style, the 550 design might meet your expectations. These iconic sneakers are ideal for casual wear.

650 Release

The 650 model was re-released in 2021, with a few upgrades such as a puffed and stitched collar and popping colours. The high-top design gives additional ankle support and the cushioned midsole provides great comfort and support. Ideal for those who seek something for casual wear and who can style it with retro outfits.

1080 Release

new balance 1080
source: sneakernews.com

The Fresh Foam 1080 release has exceptional cushioning and is a top choice for serious runners. They are made with engineered mesh upper for lightweight support and breathability. The Fresh Foam midsole cushioning gives the sneaker an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride. The outsole is made from blown rubber for durable traction and a smooth ride. This sneaker model is ideal for long-distance running and high-mileage training.

What is the Best New Balance Model?

Each model offers something unique. Choose a sneaker that can best fit your lifestyle and activities. For instance, the 990 and 993 series are best known for their premium quality and confront which makes them ideal for everyday wear and running. The 996 and 997 models blend classic style with a modern performance which is suitable for light running. The 547 series is the most versatile and is great as an everyday option. If you’re a serious runner, then Fresh Foam 1080 can definitely serve what you need the most.

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