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Comparing the Essential Stamping Supplies: Enhance Your Scrapbooking and Card-Making with Craft Stamps

Comparing the Essential Stamping Supplies: Enhance Your Scrapbooking and Card-Making with Craft Stamps

Whether you’re a novice at paper crafts or a pro at designing cards, brushing up on your stamping techniques is always a good idea. One of the finest ways to make cards that appear extremely stunning and professional is with stamps; it’s a simple craft with countless design options.

What Do I Need to Start Stamping Cards?

What Do I Need to Start Stamping Cards?

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To start with this fun and creative way to personalise your greeting cards and add your unique touch, you must gather all the necessary supplies. As the name of the activity suggests, essential scrapbooking stamps are the basics. There’s a wide variety of them, so read up to get a better idea.

Craft Stamps

Card stamps come in various forms, sizes, and designs to keep things interesting, whether searching for a simple shape printed on paper or a complex image or design. There are several types, with clear and rubber being the most common. You may be pondering whether to use a rubber or a clear mould. It just comes down to personal preference.

What Are the Different Types of Crafting Stamps?

Clear Stamps

What Are the Different Types of Crafting Stamps?

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Transparent stamps have an entirely translucent imprint made of photopolymer or vinyl that you can peel away from an acetate backing to reveal a sticky surface. They’re placed on clear acrylic blocks, meaning you can remove or reuse them when you finish.

As you can see through the design to align your product, this variety can provide greater precision than rubber ones, making them particularly useful for saving space because they frequently come on sheets with several designs. They take up significantly less room in your store because they need only one clear block to add them onto.

Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamping is a technique for transferring an image to another surface using rubber stamps and inks or dyes. It’s a great way to swiftly cover large areas with designs, as you can ink the devices how many times you want. You may transfer onto various surfaces, the most popular being paper, card and fabric.

Rubber or wooden stamps have a pre-mounted rubber pattern on a wooden block. They’re durable and less likely to deteriorate with usage because the imprint comes mounted on a wooden block. These can be a bit heavy, so if you have a considerable collection, you’ll need a lot of craft storage!

Glossary of Stamp Varieties

Learn the jargon with our convenient guide to the various types of stamps for card making available at the stores:

  • Alphabet: Ideal for making your messages and sentiments, they’re available in various fonts, sizes, and styles.
  • Background: These can add an intriguing design element to plain papers.
  • Character: Featuring various personalities, ranging from cute mice to sophisticated ladies, these are available in many options for all occasions.
  • Digital: Also called Digi stamps, these downloadable files can be printed and coloured without any ink. They’re perfect for detailed images, especially if you want to produce numerous card designs.
  • Flourish: A delicate and romantic linear design, flourishes can include swirls and borders with hearts or flowers to add elegance to a sentiment or design.
  • Layered: These consist of a single image with several layers, each adding more detail to the print. Layers can also provide shading or new elements, such as different flowers in a bouquet.
  • Personalised: The scrapbooking stamps with your initials or specific details are perfect for special occasions like weddings and party invitations. You can make these yourself or use specialty companies.
  • Sentiment: The message is merely as crucial as the overall design, whether a happy birthday or a simple greeting. Having a collection of these for different occasions throughout the year is a must.
  • Silhouette: Featuring solid shapes, ranging from landscapes to animals, these are ideal for beginners or those looking to maximise the effects of heat embossing.
  • Texture: These are versatile and can be used to create a background or for stamp kissing. They’re typically larger stamps that often cover A5 areas and come in patterns such as bricks, bubbles, or hessian.

Other Helpful Supplies


beginner paper crafte

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Rack up a variety of vibrant ink pads in your collection to play with colour in your stamping projects. For a beginner paper crafter, ink pads are perfect since they are simple to use and provide a quick way to transfer your design from the stamp to your paper. A stamper’s go-to choice is a dye ink pad. With so many tones available, the dye ink pads category offers the most choice and they’re incredibly straightforward to learn.


A flawless stamping transfer from your ink to your paper is possible with a high-quality card. Create a fun motif for your cards or notebooks by stamping directly into the front of your greeting card or pressing it onto some patterned paper. You can make unique designs with various coloured cards and inks!


Stamping blocks are a tool that is available separately from acrylic stamps used with them. These are translucent plastic blocks that are available in a range of sizes to accommodate various stamp sizes.


A stamping press is a device you can use to produce transparent, exact, and aligned stamps. It’s a tool that makes mass production simple and reliable; you can compare it to a die-cutting machine. These devices are ideal for numerous stamp positioning tasks, including stamping in layers and aligning letters. You can use it with both rubber and acrylic stamps.

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