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Comparing the Different Types of Horse Saddles

Whether it is as a fun and exciting hobby or a competitive sport, there is no denying that horse riding is one of the activities that offer a one of a kind experience and a unique sense of freedom. While most people think that learning how to ride a horse can be a difficult and sometimes an intimidating task, in reality the whole process can actually be quite easy and a lot of fun. With the right horse gear you can easily learn all the basics and tricks of horse riding. As a vital piece of equipment, choosing a high-quality saddle is an essential consideration for beginners and experienced equestrians alike. The saddle should not only be comfortable for you to sit on, but it should fit your horse perfectly as well. Horse riding consists of many elements such as jumping and similar tricks and the right saddle can make all of these much better and safer.

horse gear

Nowadays saddles are available in an array of designs, sizes and shapes and come with different features. The main difference in terms of design is the material they’re made of. You can choose between leather, suede and synthetic materials. Leather is a quality, long-lasting material that gives the saddle a smooth finish. It is highly resistant and offers a good amount of support. Synthetic models are a great choice as well since they are often quite lightweight and require very little maintenance. To choose the best model for you, you should first get more familiar with the different types of horse saddles and their specific features.

General purpose saddle

The general purpose saddles are considered the standard horse gear for beginners. These are made from sturdy materials, come with flaps which are cut forward and can be used for different styles of riding. They offer riders great support during standard jumps, dressage, and are suitable for hack and hunts combined with simple small jumps as well.

Western saddle

The western saddle is made from brown leather and has a practical design that includes a horn at the front which offers you superior balance while riding. These are very comfortable and are ideal for horse riders who frequently perform sharp turns. This type of saddle often features colourful decorations with unique Western patterns.

Racing saddle

Lightweight and usually smaller than other models, racing saddles are most often used for galloping as well as for steeplechase races which involves jumping over fences. These have a flat seat and they feature short stirrups with just a single girth strap.

Kids saddle

As the name suggests, kids saddles are made specifically for kids and are the ideal size to fit small ponies. Compared with other models, this one is of course considerably smaller and is designed to offer kids great support and balance. These can be made from various materials including synthetics and cotton and may also include some plastic parts as well.

Jumping saddle

The basic function of jumping saddles is to provide the necessary support and help you take the right position when different styles of jumps. Their most unique feature is the seat which is flat and is shaped like the letter C when observed from the side. They also feature big side flaps with extra padding at the front that are designed to provide greater leg stability and comfort.


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