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Comparing the Different Protective Packaging Solutions

Protective Packaging Solutions

Whether you’re planning on moving or your company needs reliable packaging solutions, there are many different options that you can go for. The first things that come to mind when we think of packing are plastic and cardboard boxes but oftentimes they aren’t large enough or suitable for all of the items that we need to pack or protect. So, what are the other solutions for packaging and protection?

clear stretch film as a packaging solution
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What Are Stretch Films and What Are They Used for?

Stretch film or wrap is a stretchy plastic that’s used for protecting and holding products together for transport and storage. Its ability to stretch keeps the products tight and secure. They are usually made of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) which is a quality and puncture-resistant material. Sometimes, other types of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride are used. There are many types of stretch wraps but clear stretch film is commonly used for different purposes.

Cast stretch film is made by the process of cast extrusion which makes the wrap very clear. Because of this and the fact that it’s easily stretched and quiet, many prefer this type of clear stretch film as a packaging solution. Moreover, cast films offer two-sided cling to ensure tight wrapping and are more affordable.

Blown stretch film is made by blown extrusion. It’s very resistant and strong. But compared to cast stretch film, blown film is more expensive, noisier, and not very clear. Due to poor clarity, you won’t be able to see the wrapped products.

These are usually larger rolls of stretch films and are used by a stretch wrap machine. It allows larger quantities to be wrapped more efficiently and more safely. There are hand stretch films as well that are used for manually wrapping items. They’re used for smaller quantities.

Advantages of Using Stretch Film
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Advantages of Using Stretch Film

  • Stretch film enables more efficient pallet wrapping and stability which, in turn, protects the workers from injuries;
  • Saves space by enabling you to wrap more boxes in layers;
    Protects products from dust and keeps dirty products from making a mess;
  • Secures food and items that can be spilled;
  • You can use stretch wrap film in colour for easy organisation and categorisation of items;
  • Opaque stretch wrap eliminates the risk of theft and temptation;
  • Ultraviolet film stretch protects the items from UV rays;
  • Vented stretch wrap allows air to pass through. This is very helpful for wrapping products that need oxygen, like trees.

What Are Plastic Films and Plastic Liners Used For?

Plastic film is a roll of thin plastic packaging material that can be made from all different kinds of plastics, like polyethylene, polyester, PVC, polypropylene, and others. They are made by melting using different processes.

Plastic films are used for packing, providing barriers from moisture under concrete or general storage, protecting timber and providing protection against dust. They can come in different sizes and thicknesses.

Plastic liners are used to protect the items of a container and are made from quality plastic material.

Plastic carton liners that are used for lining carton containers for protection and prevention of leakage, commonly used for food products like fish, meat, and poultry;

Drum liners are used for lining drums and barrels. They keep them clean and protected from different kinds of products like paint, food, and other items.

What Are Pallet Netting, Poly Tubing, and Poly Bags Used For?
Pallet netting is a net usually made from polypropylene and formed into a roll. It provides ventilation to the products being wrapped while keeping them secure. They are used for products where moisture and evaporation can cause problems like rust and discolouration of packages and labels.

They help keep frozen products cold, de-freeze them quickly, and expand their life span. Also, they keep fresh products fresh for a longer time by letting them breathe.

Poly Tubing is a roll made of polyethylene plastic that’s used for packing long or oddly shaped items. It allows you to cut the length you need and tape, staple, or heat seal the end using a heat sealer. They come in a variety of widths and thickness levels.

Polyethylene bags are the small plastic bags that we all know and use for storing and protecting all kinds of items. They can be made from a heavier micron which makes them stronger for sharp and heavy products. They can be sealed with a heat sealer as well, taped, or stapled. If you don’t like to use any of these methods for sealing, there are poly bags with a reusable zipper.

Protection in Packaging
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What Can You Use for Protection in Packaging?

Protective Bumpers

These bumpers are natural or synthetic rubber self-adhesive protectors that serve for providing stability and spacing in packaging. They’re very easy to use and have a wide range of applications. They come in many colours and shapes like round, rectangular, or hexagon, and have different contact areas. They reduce noise and vibration, are very durable, and won’t damage the surface to which they’re attached.

They come in rollstock form as well that can be die-cut according to your need. The sheets can have different thicknesses and colours.

Air Pillows

Air pillows are sealed bags filled with air. They’re used to protect products during transportation by providing cushioning and filling voids inside the package. They can be purchased uninflated which allows for easy storage and then an air cushion packaging system is used to fill and seal them. This means that they’ll take less space and most of them are made from biodegradable or recyclable materials which makes them eco-friendly.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most popular options for packaging and transportation of goods. Rolls are very practical because you can get them in numerous widths and cut them to fit the product. They can come in bigger rolls and be used for large objects like furniture. Bubble wrap dispensers are used for easier application.

Some bubble wrap rolls can come with an inside plastic lining for greater durability. They’re flexible, light, absorb shock, and are resistant to abrasion.

There are specialised types that are anti-static, which means that they’ll protect items sensitive to static. Others can be foil-backed that protect goods from sunlight by providing insulation.

Bubble bags are used for greater protection of smaller items. They’re lightweight, can have self-adhesive strips, and won’t damage the goods because of their smooth inside.

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