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Comparing the Best Models of Anti-Bark Collars for Small Dogs in 2019

Dog with Anti-Bark Collar

Living in a nice and quiet neighbourhood with friendly neighbours is a blessing, but sometimes our pets can make things a little unpleasant between us humans since their barking can be quite nagging. This is especially the case if you have a small dog as they are most likely to bark in the night or any part of the day for a very long time. This is where anti-bark collars come into play, a harmless and effective solution to make your cute little furball behave well without weighing its neck down. Since there are a lot of collars to choose from, here are some of the best options.


Garmin Barklimiter 2

With this unit, you can have full control over your pet’s barking as it connects with Garmin’s own app called Garmin Canine  which lets you even set a barking limit. The rechargeable battery of the Bark limiter 2 can last up to 30 days from a full charge and it also comes with interchangeable long and short plastic probes so you can use it effectively on both short and long-haired dogs. You have 4 stimulation modes on this anti bark collar for small dogs starting with vibration or tone only, stimulation and smart mode.

This waterproof and lightweight device has a 4 colour LED indicator for the operating modes, which you can access with a single tap on the power button and the battery status. There are a total of 10 levels of static correction which can start taking effect after the barking limit has been passed. You can also have a bark count on the app and an automatic output mode which prevents excessive barking by default.

PetSafe Elite

This anti-bark collar from PetSafe also has a progressive static correction which is an ideal solution if you have a small dog that will grow big. The Elite is submersible down to 5 meters so you don’t have to worry if you want to take your dog for a quick dip in the pool with it. The progressive static correction of this anti-bark collar is programmed to gradually increase within a time frame of 80 seconds during which you can intervene. While this one doesn’t make a good fit for long-haired dogs, it is versatile enough to fit on bigger dogs too and although the static progression steps up automatically, no external barking can interfere with the system.


Dog Rook

Weighing only 45 grams, this anti bark collar is the perfect choice for small dogs as it will go almost unnoticed. Since this is a shock-free device, your pup or small dog will have the kindest experience, while also being weatherproof and fully adjustable. A unique feature of this collar is that it has reflective stripes so your pet can stay seen and safe when you go for a walk in the night. Unlike the previous two models, the Dog Rook has only 7 progressive corrective stages.

Dogtra YS200

The 6 adjustable levels may not be much, but they are enough as they are made to suit small to medium dogs starting from 4kg. It comes powered by 2 CR2032 batteries which allow for the harmful prevention in dog breeds such as bull terrier, Maltese, Jack Russel, whippet, Scottish Terrier and even a labrador. This anti bark collar for small dogs also has a LED battery indicator and a vibration sensor in the form of a soft round rubber placed between two contact probes.

PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer

With batteries averaging 40 hours of continuous use and the ability to fit dogs as small as 3.5kg and all the way up to 12kg, PetSafe’s remote spray trainer is one of the most comprehensive anti-bark collars. Not only because it is so versatile but also because it comes with the most number of options and none of them are as intimidating as a shock collar. Along with the spray, there is also vibration and tone only modes which can also be triggered with a remote that has a range of about 270 metres.


Num’axes Canicalm

This rechargeable anti bark collar for small dogs comes with a fast-charging option which can fill the device with juice in only 2 hours while it has 3 stimulation modes including a tone-only option. This is mode 1 which is only a warning tone being emitted upon the first bark, but if the dog doesn’t stop barking mode 2 goes on which emits a static correction and if the dog is still barking then the level of the correction will start to increase automatically until the barking stops. This is the third mode and of the collar is being activated 9 times with this intensity it will cut off for 2 minutes.


Probably the lightest one on the market, the Elecane small dog bark collar weighs only 14g and it comes with different colour faceplates. It also has a vibration motor in case you want to teach your pupper a lesson in a more humane way. Since there’s a lot of suspicion with these kinds of collars regarding whether they are effective, Elecane has a no-quibbles refund so you can get your money back in case you don’t see any benefit from it. Of course, if you have a very stubborn dog, this collar won’t help you as it is best for teacup and lap dogs.

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