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Comparing Seat Covers: A Guide to Choosing the Best Seat Covers

Seat Covers

You may think that your Colorado’s factory seat covers are holding up just fine. But as time goes by and they start aging, they may experience considerable wear and tear from the sun, dirt, spills or pets. This can make them uncomfortable and dull-looking. However, what many people don’t realise is that all you have to do is get RG Colorado seat covers to protect your seats, and keep them looking pristine for significantly longer.

Seat covers provide maximum protection to the seats, as well as a completely custom look to your interior. They can also hide already existing damage, ensuring your Colorado looks as clean and pristine as possible. However, making sure you choose the right RG Colorado seat covers is important. With so many different types of seat covers, picking the right ones can be time-consuming. In order to save you time and potentially money, here’s what you need to know to get up to date with the newest trends in seat covers.

Look at Seat Covers as Protectors for Your Investment

Colorado RG seat covers
Source: ruggedvalley.co.nz

If your seats get dirty for whatever reason, cleaning them can be quite difficult. You may have to use a range of cleaning supplies to get the stains out. If you have a pet, your seats can also get damaged by their nails. Moreover, the powerful sunrays are magnified by the window glass, making your seats lose their colour, or get damaged entirely.

All of these things make it important to get seat covers that will protect your initial investment. Think of the covers as a protective barrier for all the aforementioned problems. As a result, your Colorado will retain its resale value.

Choosing the Right Seat Covers



Neoprene seat covers for Colorado RG
Source: ocamindustries.com.au

Neoprene seat covers are made from the same material as scuba suits. As a result, these seat covers are moisture-resistant, high-pressure-resistant and temperature-resistant. These seat covers provide optimum protection against spills, dirt, debris, water damage and the sun’s UV rays. It’s the perfect material if you go off-roading.

Valour Seat Covers

These seat covers boast a plush-knitted look. They’re made using polyester or cotton, providing optimum comfort while offering an extra-soft finish. On the downside, valour seat covers don’t offer much protection, making them the ideal choice for those who mainly want style and comfort.

Leather-Look Seat Covers

These covers are suitable for those who live in colder areas. However, they should be avoided during the hot months. These covers don’t absorb spills, and most fluids will sit on top of the surface, meaning the seats stay safe. However, depending on their quality, some leather-look seat covers can get sticky on hotter days.

Canvas Seat Covers

Canvas seat covers for Colorado RG
Source: ironman4x4.com

These covers are ideal for people who live an active lifestyle. They’re long-lasting and hard-wearing and can withstand water spills, mud splashes, unpredictable weather as well as abuse. Moreover, these covers are very comfortable and look good. As they’re a tight-fit, the covers stretch and fit your sit perfectly, so there’s no wrinkling and bunching of the fabric. If you have pets, kids, or both, canvas seat covers are the best option.


Seat covers for Colorado RG
Source: ocamindustries.com.au

Once you’ve decided what type of material you want your seat cover to be made of, it’s time to choose the right size. For the best fit, you should consider shopping for vehicle-specific covers rather than universal ones. So, if you have an RG Colorado, get covers that are tailor-fitted for the RG Colorado. This will give you peace of mind, especially when shopping online.

Furthermore, you have to consider whether your seats have built-in screens, built-in or adjustable headrests, armrests and airbags. When you take it all into account, you’ll come across several different sizes, including:

Size 90

Size 90 covers are ideal for front high-backbench seats.

Size 301 or A

These are typically used in utes and vans.

Size 06 or 06H

These covers come with separate headrest covers to provide the full functionality of your adjustable headrests. However, these covers don’t allow for folding seats or armrests.

Size 401 or B

These seat covers cover 3/4 bench and front bucket seats. They enable the full functionality for adjustable headrests but don’t enable cut-away in the 3/4 bench for the gear stick.

Size 30A

These covers are ideal for front seats that have airbags. They allow all airbags to deploy efficiently, making them the safest option if you have airbags on the seats.

The Final Word

Rg colorado seat covers
Source: nzoffroader.nz

Seat covers provide a lot of value for being so inexpensive. They protect your seats from all types of wear and tear, and the elements, and ensure your seats stay in pristine shape for years to come. They can be made using a wide range of materials are are available in many different sizes and configurations. This allows you to choose the ideal seat cover for your vehicle, no matter what you need the cover for, and no matter what type of vehicle you own. Shop for seat covers online, where you’ll find the widest range.

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