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Commercial Flooring Solutions: Luxury Vinyl Tile vs. Vinyl Sheet vs. Terrazzo Floor

Commercial Flooring

Whether talking about choosing a floor for a coffee shop, a restaurant or an office, the chosen type should meet some general requirements. In other words, commercial floors need to be durable, resilient, appealing and waterproof in order to withstand daily use. Although the choices of this specific flooring can be vast, there are several types that stand out more than others on the market.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Source: bleckarchitects.com

Vinyl floor, in general, has a long history on the market. It first appeared in the 1800s but it was in the ‘60s when it gained popularity in both residential and commercial facilities. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) became popular in the 1930s thanks to their amazing appearance, resilience, and style. Until now, they are some of the most commonly used and elegant vinyl for floors options.

This solution is one of the most durable, sophisticated, and easy to maintain choices. Just like any other type of vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles are also available in numerous designs, mimicking the look of all-natural materials. Whether in the need to match the look of a wooden or stone floor in your space, you can entirely rely on the authentic look of LVT and its longevity, unlike natural floor materials which are porous and hard to maintain in high traffic commercial spaces.

Thanks to its structure, this vinyl flooring solution is designed to last for years to come regardless of the traffic. In other words, LVT is constructed of multiple layers to provide maximum quality and longevity. Usually, it consists of several layers of backing, a print design layer and a wear layer that is created to ensure maximum durability.

Besides all of this, LVT is naturally stain and scuff resistant, as well as waterproof which makes it the ideal solution for restaurants, kindergartens, schools and even hospitals. Nowadays, you can choose from several types of LVT flooring which differ only by the installation method like loose lay, glue down, click and rigid core LVT. This allows you to pick the one that will best meet your personal and budget needs.

Vinyl Sheet Floor

Source: finelineflooring.co.uk

Just like LVT, the sheet is another popular vinyl for floors option on the market. Available in numerous designs and looks, you can greatly benefit from its installation. Over the years, vinyl sheet floors have evolved a lot, and nowadays, you can rely on their ability to withstand heavy traffic.

Another benefit to them that they also come in numerous designs and colours, allowing you to choose the right model for your needs. The most important thing to know about vinyl sheets is that they differ in thickness, so the thicker the sheet the better the protection and durability. Usually, for commercial facilities, it’s recommended to purchase a sheet with an extra thick layer of more than 20-mil.

Keep in mind that MIL doesn’t stand for millimetres but for one-thousandth of an inch. Generally, the rules are that standard residential spaces require at least 12-mil or thicker, whereas high-traffic residential spaces up to 20-mil. As for the commercial spaces, ideally it should be 28-mil or thicker. Now, before making an assumption of your own, you should consult a professional because not all floor vinyl in design is made the same.


Source: nirogranite.com

The story of terrazzo is huge and rich, dating from the 16th century. Over the years, this flooring has evolved tremendously, and nowadays it’s one of the most affordable and environmentally friendly solutions. It’s durable, easy to maintain and available in numerous design options.

However, when compared to the abovementioned counterparts, terrazzo has a poorer appearance because it cannot imitate numerous natural materials quite like the vinyl for floor can. Although easy to take care of, terrazzo isn’t that low in maintenance because it’s prone to stains and scratches and can wear down. Additionally, given that it’s a composite material, constructed with stones like quartz, granite, and marble, it also tends to be more expensive which is another reason why the synthetic alternative is more popular these days.

All things considered, is vinyl good for flooring?

Source: forbes.com

The short answer is yes since it’s got some unbeatable properties and it works great in both residential and commercial spaces. And while there are various other materials and designs available on the market, practice shows that this option simply beats them all.

In order to choose the ideal type of vinyl for floors for your needs, first, you’ll have to find a trusted and reliable supplier that can provide you with the best possible design for your needs. By doing this, you can be sure that you’ve made the right choice.

The one thing that stays the same for all types of commercial tiles, sheets or planks is that they should be cleaned professionally on a regular basis. This is essential not only for the floor’s appearance but also for your safety and prosperity.

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