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Comfort, Aesthetics, or Both: 6 Chair Styles to Make the Most Out of Your Space

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A chair is never just a chair whether you sit down on it for family dinner, rock your kid to sleep at night, or pop a squat after a long day at work. It’s a form and function that deserves special attention! If chairs didn’t offer more than simply a place to sit, people wouldn’t write books on them, they wouldn’t receive awards for them, and they wouldn’t be studied as subjects.

And with so many alternatives available, it’s critical to do your research before spending your hard-earned money on your newest piece of furniture. For that reason, we’ll break down ins and outs of the most popular styles as well as what you should consider when choosing the ideal one for your space!

Choosing a Chair 101

Choosing a Chair 101
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It’s a matter of fact that stunning indoor chairs are crucial for your interior design game! However, regardless of the style, you should measure the area where you intend to place the chair before making your purchase.

Avoid making an impulse purchase by picturing how the chair will go in with the other pieces of furniture in your home and determine whether it will be useful. Also, make sure the chair you model is suitable for your lifestyle. A home with kids and pets, for example, may soon destroy a lovely silk upholstered seat or white fabric on side chairs that are also utilized in the dining area.

On the other hand, when finding chairs for sale online ensure that the store has a strict return policy in case the model is too uncomfortable, the fabric or colour isn’t what you expected, or the construction quality is subpar.

Types of Chairs Every Stylish Interior Needs

Wing Chair

Wing Chair
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Ideal for a reading nook or bedroom corners, the good old wing chair has nowadays gone the extra mile to provide passionate readers with maximum comfort and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

It’s the perfect chair type that comes with a sturdy seat and robust back, short wood legs, and upholstery made of fabric or leather. A wingback chair can be easily identified by the side panels, or “wings,” on the high back. These side panels were initially used to protect the occupant from drafts in the room or too much heat from fires. Traditional wingback seats can be big pieces of furniture, with the top of the back measuring more than 40 inches from the floor!

Occasional Chair

As its name implies, the occasional chair is used occasionally for any room of the house as a decorative accent, filler, or extra seating when you have some visitors over!

Being mostly chosen for aesthetic purposes, this popular style can easily become the focal point of the space it’s used in. Moreover, it’s available in every size and form to complement any decor. Some models are little, while others are large or ornate and serve as conversation or accent pieces in a space. An occasional chair can be as basic as a modest, bare armchair or as fashionable as a bubble-shaped cocoon chair.

Club Chair

Club Chair
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Best for formal or semi-formal traditional living rooms or dens, a club chair is a sturdy, well-padded armchair. In comparison to others, its arms and back are lower, and the shape is generally boxy, though occasionally curved. Leather is frequently used for the club chair’s upholstery.

The typical club chair has a generous size. For maximum comfort, it is frequently 37 to 39 inches wide, side to side and 39 to 41 inches deep. However, like many other conventional designs which have been modernized and shrunk to fit into more compact spaces, you can often find a classic club chair that measures 27 inches wide and 30 inches deep, for example. A modern club chair may still have a style that suggests refinement and be pricey for well-built versions, but it may also have lower arms or barely any arms, as well as more leg showing.

Arm Chair

Dining room chairs are typically referred to as side ones. A side chair is a tiny chair with an open or solid back, open arms, or no arms at all and a solid visible frame. Perfect for dining rooms or any other rooms where an extra seating option is required, side models are typically sold in sets of two, four, six, or more.

This style of chair may or may not be covered in upholstery. Therefore, keep in mind the type of upholstery that will best suit your lifestyle. With proper care, leather will endure for a very long time, but microfiber and other synthetic textiles are easy to clean. Seats and backs can always be reupholstered if you know how to use a staple gun because they are often simple to take apart. To create a signature interior look, mix and match them!


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If you’re on the hunt for a comfortable seating solution that only requires for you to put on your comfy sleepwear or loungewear and unwind, but at the same time goes well will your family living room furniture, a recliner is the name of the game!

It’s a hefty upholstered chair with a recliner that allows you to put your feet up, relax, and then tuck the footrest away. Moreover, it has a comfortable backrest and is used for reading and watching media. Leather and fabric are the most common upholstery options.

Largeness is a common complaint about recliners, especially while they are reclining. Normally, the size of the person who will use the recliner will determine the purchase. In comparison to a small, shorter person, a huge or tall person might prefer a more robust recliner.

However, if you adore the idea of having a recliner but are dealing with a small area, consider a wall hugger. The footrest of the wall hugger functions exactly like the footrest of a standard recliner, but it does not require as much reclining space between the wall and the back of the chair. To accommodate more diminutive users and smaller places, several modern recliners have been downsized.

Klismos Chair

Ideal for formal or eclectic living rooms, dining rooms, home offices, bedrooms, hallways, and entranceways, a Klismos chair is a distinctive side chair or an occasional chair that is normally constructed with a wood frame and is either completely or partially upholstered. It is regarded as a historical design that has persisted in popularity throughout furniture history.

You can still find antique Klismos with reinterpreted versions of the chair’s original ancient Greek design, many of which include exaggerated curves and splays. Klismos come in a range of materials and coverings, including metal, wood, and leather, for use in today’s modern interiors and exteriors. Since this popular style is widely used in the dining area, you will frequently find it marketed in sets.

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