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CNC Lathe vs. CNC Milling Services

CNC Lathe

If you are involved in the manufacturing industry, one thing you depend on is having the components accurately manufactured. To do so, you either need to invest in CNC milling machines or hire CNC lathe or CNC milling services. CNC lathe and CNC milling machines are known as quick and precise machines widely used for producing parts that require precision. If you are dealing with parts production, CNC lathe and CNC milling services can save you a lot of money in a long run.

Purchasing either CNC lathe machines or CNC milling machines is a very big investment. But there is another, more cost-effective way to manufacture specific components that require precision. Hiring professionals with years of experiences in CNC lathe and CNC milling services is certainly your best option. But which machine/service is better for you? Here’s a brief comparison between the CNC lathe and CNC milling. 

CNC Lathe – CNC lathe is a type of machine that can be used for various operations, including cutting, sanding and drilling. Most commonly, lathe machines are used for more intricate cuttings, so they have completely replaced the older multi-spindle lathes. Easy to set up and easy to operate, lathe machines are the favourite choice of many hobbyists and the two main reasons why these machines are so widely used. If you set up the machine to do several pieces, it will stop once the process is done. Although they come in many different designs and models, CNC lathe machines are used for cutting or machining through metal, wood and other solids.


CNC Milling – CNC milling services and machines are becoming more and more popular in the recent years, because of their numerous advantages. CNC milling services are generally used for producing small/large objects in a mass production, objects that we need for everyday living. These machines are very similar to drill presses. The spindle of these machines is capable of taking side and end loads, while their rotating cutter can even cut through solid materials (including metals). Compared to CNC lathe machines, the cutting tool of CNC milling machines moves with its work piece being stationary.


Although both machines are computed numerically controlled (CNC), they can be operated manually as well. When used with the help of computers, CNC lathe and CNC milling services are incredibly accurate and can increase the productivity of any business. From small customized parts to large production of tools for a specific industry, CNC machining has an indispensable value.

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