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Cluttered vs. Creative Visual Merchandising: First Impressions Last

Visual Merchandising

hen you’re operating a bakery, you might think that your delicious products will have no problem selling themselves. While this tends to be true, there’s a lot more to it. To make customers actually taste your goods, you should first find a way to lure them in. And there’s no better way to do so than with the help of smart and creative visual merchandising.

When you’re selling products, appearance is important and therefore you should put a great deal of effort into planning and executing your product displays. And considering product displays, there’s a lot to learn from master chefs. They know that it’s not all about how the food tastes, but a good part of the customers’ experience is also affected by how that food is presented. This visual experience is what keeps parsley growers in business. Because, let’s face it – parsley does not provide much of a taste but when used as a garnish on fish and other foods it makes it a lot more appealing.

And when you’re running a bakery, there are several factors that can make your product display look irresistible such as good lighting and a subtle colour scheme. However, none other is more important than having the proper display cases. The benefits of display cases are two-fold. They help keep your food fresh until it’s time to serve it, and also allow your customers to have a good view of your mouthwatering goods which is hard to resist.

Depending of what edibles you make, there are several cases you’ll be needing. A dry case is ideal for things that don’t need to be refrigerated nor warm, like for instance cookies and bread. On the other hand, pastries with ingredients that can easily spoil, such as fruit, cream, cheese or meat, need to be kept cold in a refrigerated case. And don’t forget to also invest in a case that keeps baked goods warm. Regarding the design of the display case, remember that less is more. Whether it’s a chocolate display fridge or a display case for breads, it should blend in with the surroundings in order to make the food stand out, and not the other way around.

It’s important to separate two different products from each other so that their smells won’t mix. For instance desserts like muffins, cakes and other sweet goods should be kept in a chocolate display fridge, whereas traditional pastries like croissants should be kept in a separate case. Also, keep your speciality products separately from the rest to draw attention to their uniqueness. Placement is another thing you should pay attention to. For instance, desserts are an impulse that’s hard to resist for most people and placing them in a prominent spot or on the counter is a smart move.

By Jessie Sanner

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