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Anything but Boring: Christmas Gift Guide to Surprise Your Loved Ones with Something Special

Christmas Gift

What is the most popular gift to give on Christmas? What are typical Christmas presents? What is a good gift for someone you love? These are some of the most common questions on people’s minds every time the Christmas holidays are around the corner. Every person is in search of the perfect gift, for something that will make an impression. And, more often than not, what makes an impression is the simplest gift. 

Cozy Throws Made of Merino Wool

Throws are multipurpose and versatile. One can use them in many ways and enjoy the perks they offer. They serve both as decoration and as blankets when the weather gets colder. Nothing can match the coziness and softness that throws offer. Especially ones made of premium materials.

Wondering what are the most comfortable blankets? You’ll agree that Merino wool is the best fabric there is. This is why throws made of Merino wool are the most popular option when it comes to gifting something that’s quality and durable. Merino wool throws might be more expensive than other types, but their quality is unmatched. Your giftee will enjoy their softness and warmth for years to come.

source: m.media-amazon.com

Throw blankets can be incorporated both in the living room and the bedroom. They can even be used outdoors during spring and autumn. Aside from being an accessory and making the space look luxurious and contemporary, throw blankets also protect the furniture. When you think about it, it’s a lot easier to clean the throw than it is to clean the couch. They come especially handy to people that have pets. Throws and blankets act as a barrier and prevent hair from ending up all over the furniture. Merino wool blankets can be washed in a washing machine but with cold water only. High temperatures can damage the blanket and affect its quality.   

Merino blankets come in many different designs and colours. They can match all kinds of aesthetics and instantly make the space more homey and welcoming. A house isn’t a home without throw blankets and the warmth they offer. And yes, they are the perfect gift for everyone. Because who would say no to something so comfortable and practical? 

Tablecloth and Napkins with a Unique Print

Tablecloths and napkins are not something that people regularly give as presents, but they make for amazing gifts. For a giftee that appreciates home aesthetics and organizes gatherings often, the tablecloths and napkins will be the ideal present. The tablecloth protects the table, and napkins made of fabric are much better to use than disposal ones.

Tablecloths and napkins come in many colours and prints. You can go for something monochrome and keep things simple. But only if you’re able to resist all the amazing prints and colour mixes. Truth be told, not a lot of people can when they see how beautiful table linen with flower motives look. There are even ones that are embroidered. And embroidery is a next level decoration. The attention to detail on embroidered tablecloths is something else. Embroidery is considered to be an art form, so technically you’re not only gifting a tablecloth but an art piece as well.

source: mages.squarespace-cdn.com

Apart from picking the design, you also need to pick the materials. You can’t buy just any table linen – the set should be made from excellent materials. Cotton is an excellent choice – it is a natural fabric with amazing features. It’s strong, long-lasting and very easy to clean. The last feature is very important because tablecloths and napkins will for sure get dirty one way or the other. Using stained tablecloths over and over again is not an option. Then again, not being able to use the tablecloths because they’re stained is not an option either. So, before making a choice, read the labels as well as the care instructions carefully.  

Tablecloths come in different shapes and sizes as well. You can go for something small or for a normal size tablecloth, it depends on your preferences. Whatever you choose in the end, you can rest assured you’ll score extra points with this gift. 

A Vintage Mini Kettle

What is a kettle used for?  A kettle is a small kitchen appliance that can be used for boiling water and subsequently preparing coffee, tea, meals etc. It is really handy for a day to day use. Kettles come with temperature control and automatically stop working once the wanted water temperature is being reached.

source: cdn.statically.io

Now, a basic kettle isn’t much of a gift although it’s useful. A much better option is a vintage design kettle. The design of the vintage kettle is something special and you’ll for sure put a smile on someone’s face with this one. You can easily find vintage designed kettles today for a reasonable amount of money. 

World Map Wall Art

World maps make for a really awesome wall decor that leaves people amazed. What better way to decorate your walls than with something that’s one of a kind? Such a map can be installed in the living room, dining room or bedroom. There are a lot of different designs of world maps and you can choose from different materials too. If the gift is for someone into everything contemporary, you can choose a world map made of metal. Opposite of that is a map made of wood or the traditional one printed on high-quality paper. 

source: farmfoodfamily.com

Coasters with a Special Design

Last but not least, glass coasters. Something small, thoughtful and beautiful. You have a really wide range of coasters to choose from. If you want something truly special you can go for handmade coasters. These come in many different colours and designs and each coaster speaks for itself.

For instance, you can choose marble-like coasters which are usually black, white or some shade in between. These colours will match the rest of the colours of the interior design of your giftee. Coasters make for memorable gifts and are something your giftee can use on a daily basis while drinking coffee or a glass from the trending eco wines

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