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Choosing The Right Kitchen Sink Material: Pros Vs. Cons

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Just like any other aspect of the kitchen equipment and interior, the kitchen sink should also be carefully selected, which makes the purchase of this piece of kitchen inventory a very important decision, indeed. After, all the sink is the centerpiece of the kitchen, don’t you agree?

Decades ago, the kitchen-sink purchase was a simple and easy task, due to the fact that there were only two sink options offered:

  1. the cast iron sink, and
  2. the stainless sink that could be found in few colours and shapes with no options for customized sink accessories.


But, times have significantly changed, so today, there is a range of sink options available on the market and interested buyers, especially the first-time homeowners, find it quite difficult and overwhelming to choose the right one.

The truth is, most sink shoppers do not understand the different materials modern kitchen sinks are made from. They are not familiar with the impact a particular material has on durability and price features. Arming yourself with this important information will help you select the right model, size and design of kitchen sink that will perfectly complement your kitchen’s layout and interior.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kitchen sinks still reignon, as they proudly hold 57% of the global market, although they have been updated with high-end designs and styles (undermount and drop-in models). When it comes to this kitchen sink model, there are two main features to look for:

  • Steel’s thickness or gauge
  • Sound deadening ability (the noise level when a heavy object is dropped into the sink, like a piece of silverware)

In terms of gauges, the lower the number, the thicker the steel, which certainly results in a higher quality kitchen sink. If you are considering the stainless steel model, look for a satin texture finish to avoid the negative aspects of stainless steel. Biggest reason to buy this model is its resistance to cracking, chipping and peeling.


Cast Iron

This type of kitchen sink features an iron base, coated with enamel finish. Good thing about cast iron sinks is that latest models come in attractive colours and high-end designs. One of the greatest disadvantages though, is the fact that they can easily chip or scratch, which exposes the black surface underneath. Thus, rusting is inevitable. Furthermore, the installation of the cast iron sink is usually pretty complex, because it is heavy and bulky in nature.


From all sink models available on the market, polyester/acrylic kitchen sinks show the lowest performance in terms of scratching and stain resistance, because they are made from soft materials that tend to cut and nick easily.

By Jessie Sanner

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