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Cargo Boxes vs. Cargo Bags: The Key Differences

Spending time in the Australian outback or wilderness can be one of the most exciting experiences for you and your family. Trips out of the urban jungle can do wonders for your mental health and overall wellbeing, completely disconnecting yourself from the mundane everyday life and the stresses that come along with it. But as soon as you start packing your Toyota, you may notice that there’s not enough room to bring everything you need and want to bring, which may force you to make your trip shorter, or even turn you off from going in the first place. But worry not – there’s a simple solution to increase your vehicle’s storage space – Toyota roof racks with a cargo box or bag on top of it.

The main question for most people installing Toyota roof racks is whether they’d be better off with a cargo bag or a cargo box. To some people, the differences are obvious, but they don’t understand their distinct features. To help you out decide, let’s discuss the key characteristics of cargo boxes and bags.

toyota cargo boxes

Cargo Boxes

Cargo boxes feature secure, hard outer shells that protect everything inside them from the elements. These accessories are what you need if security and durability are important to you. They allow you to install locks, so as long as you have a key, it’s going to be secure and only accessible by you. As a result of their sturdiness, you’ll get many years of use from cargo boxes before they show any significant signs of wear and tear. Cargo boxes are available in a variety of sizes, but no matter their size, their load ratings are typically the same – about 75kg. The only thing that changes between differently sized cargo boxes is the measurements, which can impact your ability to store different items. This is something you need to keep in mind if you want to store items in the cargo box that you can’t store in the trunk.

The downside to cargo boxes is that they’re the more expensive option out of the two. For all they provide, you’ll have to pay a hefty price. Some of them cost over $1000 dollars. However, if you’re going to spend a lot of time on the road making use of it, this hefty investment will pay itself off eventually. Having to install roof racks, if you don’t have them already, will also add to the cost. Luckily, most utes and larger vehicles already have roof racks installed on them. This is a downside to every cargo box, and it’s the main reason why a lot of people prefer cargo bags.

toyota cargo bag

Cargo Bags

Cargo bags don’t feature an outer shell that protects your belongings against the elements, rocks and pebbles that other vehicles bring up. However, they’re far more flexible than cargo boxes. Although they’re soft in nature, cargo bags are typically made using weatherproof and waterproof materials that will keep your luggage in place and untouched. They also allow you to store items in a more haphazard manner than cargo boxes, which is great for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time rearranging everything to make sure it fits perfectly.

Furthermore, cargo bags save you a lot of time and money when it comes to buying and using one. Not only are they quite affordable, but they also don’t require roof racks. Most cargo bags come with a variety of options for installing them, meaning you can attach them with or without a roof rack. All you have to do is strap the bag in, and you’re ready to roll. This means you save hundreds of dollars and a lot of time and frustration of having to find and install a roof rack. This is especially beneficial for people who don’t plan on making a lot of trips and only need a luggage solution for a few special occasions.

Considering the huge price difference between cargo bags and cargo boxes, it’s obvious cargo bags fall short somewhere. The downsides to cargo bags are their security and durability. Cargo bags come with a combination of zippers and straps, and if someone decides to rob you of your possessions, there’s not much you can do about it. That being said, you’ll often need to remove the cargo bag and bring it with you everywhere you go, which can be burdensome. As far as durability goes, the fabric cargo bags are made of aren’t even remotely as rugged as the hardened plastic cargo boxes are made of, which means you can expect a few scratches and tears on it after some time. However, their low price tag makes them great for what they do, and they’re preferred by occasional travellers.

By Anthony Hendriks

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