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Black or Nude Heels: Which Ones Are Better?

Nude Heels

Most women are like Carrie Bradshaw, in that they love collecting shoes. And a big part of that shoe collection will be high heels since nothing can complete a look better. Stilletos, kitten and chunky, and a pair in all colours imaginable – this is what paradise looks like for a shoe lover.

But then, there are some gals who prefer simplicity. And just like there are capsule wardrobes, there are also capsule shoe closets. You don’t have to own high heels in different colours – a limited number of pairs can help you finish off every outfit, as long as they’re chosen wisely.

That said, you can never go wrong with classics such as nude heels and black ones. These two colours will be enough to complement an endless number of outfits every day. But which ones are better, nude or black? Read on to find out.

A Nude Pair Elongates Your Legs

Nude high heels
Source: soop-mall.com

Every woman should own at least one pair of nude high heels. Why? Because of the way it complements her legs. Nude coloured heels are one of the best ways to elongate your legs. How? Well, these heels match the skin colour. Thus, whenever someone looks at your legs, the nude colour blends in with your skin tone, and since there aren’t any distracting or bold colours, your legs will have this elongating effect.

This is a great option for all the ladies with shorter stature since it will give the illusion of being taller. Also, it can make your legs appear slimmer. In order to achieve this “elongating and slimming” effect, you need to try matching the right shade of nude heels with your skin tone.

You Can Wear Nude High Heels in Every Season

Nude High Heels
Source: theglamorousgal.com

There’s a misconception that you can only wear nude heel shoes in the summer. Ask any fashion expert and they’ll tally you that this is far from true.

Yes, they look amazing in spring and summer combined with white jeans, white or blue button-up shirts, pastel dresses, etc. For example, wearing a nude shoe with a pointed toe and clear straps is a simple way to uplift your outfit and make it more elegant. However, you don’t have to hide your nude heels away as soon as it starts being colder outside. Many winter outfits look gorgeous combined with a pair of nude shoes and a nice-looking handbag. For instance, you can add nude closed-toe heels to your winter white sweater and silk midi skirt. You can get creative and combine as many unique outfits as possible.

Nude Heels Go with Everything

Nude heels with red outfit
Source: sydnestyle.com

How many times have you been late because you couldn’t find the right shoes to go with your outfit? Well, opting for neutral-coloured heels will make everything so much easier, especially getting ready in the morning. Investing in nude heels is going to pay off in the long run since this neutral colour goes well with any outfit in any colour. Red, purple, blue, you name it, it will look amazing with nude heels. What’s even better is that you don’t have to buy new clothes just to match your heels.

Black Heels – A Classic

Black Heels
Source: pinkboutique.co.uk

Apart from having nude colour heels, every woman should also own a pair of black heels. Black is sophisticated, powerful and elegant. Just like the little black dress is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, the black heels are also a staple in any woman’s shoe closet. Once you buy a pair of black heels, they will never go out of style. High-quality branded shoes such as Louis Vuitton’s black stiletto heels with red soles are even more alluring and luxurious by having that pop of colour underneath the shoes whenever you walk by.

Have you ever found a dress, skirt or any other item and put it back since you thought you didn’t have the right shoes to complete the look? Well, a pair of shiny black pumps will never let you down since you can pair them with any outfit possible. Seriously, if you ever wondered, “Do black heels go with everything?”, you can rest assured that just like the nude coloured heels, black pumps will complement every outfit.

Also, you can wear black heels throughout the year, in all seasons. Think of bright colours and patterns in the summer or something simple in darker shades in the winter; everything will look much more sophisticated with black heels on your feet.

Plus, one of the things that make black pumps a great investment is that they are the perfect shoes you can always turn to for any celebration and special event. Do you have a formal dinner you need to attend? Or maybe you need it for your important presentation at work? You can reach for your black pumps that will instantly complete and elevate your outfit.

Don’t Overlook the Heel Type Either

As mentioned, besides colour, there are many different types of heels you need to know, such as block, stiletto, peep-toe, ankle strap heels, and others. Each of these looks and feels different on your legs. For example, the stiletto heels will make your legs look longer in just seconds while also giving you the height you desire. These signature heels have a pointy front edge and thin and pointy heels. On the other hand, block heels are more comfortable on the feet with their chunky square heel.

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