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Bike Storage: Sheds or Racks and Stands?

Bike Storage Shed

Even after all this time, the bike happens to be the perfect means of transport when you’re having your fitness in mind and the reduction of pollution. Who doesn’t like to cycle every now and then?

You don’t have to be a professional, that much of a fan of cycling or commute daily to reap the benefits a bike can provide you with, and I don’t just refer to the health benefits that go with both fast and slow cycling, but the chance to have some fresh air, enjoy the beautiful sights around without having to worry about traffic or parking lots.

It’s a great activity that can keep you fit and you won’t even feel the pressure because it’s fun, more so when you’re enjoying cycling with family and friends which means there are mental and social benefits too. What happens though when storage becomes a problem for you?

Basically, you have the options of bike storage sheds, floor and vertical racks and stands. To be able to decide on which makes the better choice, you ought to find out as much as you can about them.

Why Buy Sheds?

Bike Storage

Starting from the first one, let’s just say a shed is an investment that could serve you for years to come. Even if you stop riding a bike, and sell it, you’d still have the storage space you can repurpose for anything else you want.

For instance, you can easily make of it a tool shed in case you’re into DIY and repairing stuff at home, then for gardeners it can be used as a place to safe-keep all the equipment, seeds and especially the fertilisers with chemicals, store items you don’t have the space for at home, neither the attic nor the basement, outdoor furniture that’s not ideal to be left outside during cold season, just about anything you need to organise.

Yes, it’s safe to say sheds are designed to be multi-purpose. Now, in terms of why they make great bike storage let’s start with the fact there are many sheds to choose from, be it in size or colour, and you can make your purchase based on the number of bikes you require storage for, the bits and pieces of cycling equipment and accessories, the space for you to repair the bikes, plus the space available in your yard. In case you’re planning on using it as plan B, i.e. the aforementioned repurposing ideas, you ought to add that to your purchase consideration as well.

When you want to buy quality, you’d do well choosing materials such as high-tensile steel because they’re ideal to protect your prized possession from theft as well as weather exposure, specifically the elements that can corrode it like rain or snow.

Despite the slim structure there’s enough room for the bikes, and not only are the sheds easy to assemble with the step by step instructions, they’re easy to open too when you want to store or take out your bikes thanks to the double front door and single side door design.

Oh, and want to know what’s best of all? They’re affordable, stylish and as such add to the value of your home, plus you won’t have to use indoor space which is particularly great if you live in a smaller home and don’t have a place to fit in a bike.

What of Floor and Vertical Racks and Stands?

Cycling enthusiasts living in spacious homes can afford to opt for indoor storage such as one of the many floor stands placed away from traffic areas in the home, in a space reserved only for bikes that isn’t shed bike storage.

This option makes the perfect choice for anyone wanting to have sort of a depository without having to put in any effort because they don’t need installation, and they’re great for home you own or rent too as you don’t have to drill anything.

Besides, you have the chance to choose from various designs, in the likes of good old racks or something more modern as in the example of seamless kickstands that are very compact and don’t take up any space, and if you require storage for accessories too, like the helmets, there’s the combination of racks with hangers to opt for.

Additionally, there’s a storage system that takes up floor to wall space and allows for bikes to be folded up and moved, so they’re somewhat in-between floor and vertical. Now, in terms of specifically vertical, there’s wall mounting, from hooks to hinges, that requires some drilling though it’s a great option because it saves floor space.

This is followed by ceiling mounts which are created to free up even more space but their usefulness depends on how high your ceiling is; if it’s too high, it would take you more time to put your bike up or take it down.

Compared to the sheds, these are choices that you may or may not have enough space for at home, and they aren’t that multi-use or long-term of an investment which could be your decisive factors.

By Jessie Sanner

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