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Bed Linen: Luxury Bamboo Sheets vs Egyptian cotton

Bamboo vs Egyptian Sheets

I am always in need of new sheets. Maybe it’s a side effect of working from home and lying around in bed until the late morning hours. Or perhaps it’s because I’m avoiding having to shop for sheets which isn’t much fun, is it? And how could it be when on one hand, you have quite affordable sheets that tend to feel like paper, and on the other, there are the exquisite ones offering unmatched comfort, but always way out of your price range. I get it, it’s called Egyptian cotton, so it’s normal that only an Egyptian prince can afford to delight in it.

Since a comfortable sleeping environment has always been important for me as a light sleeper, I almost persuaded myself into giving out a small fortune for such exquisite bed linen. Luckily, I discovered luxury bamboo sheets just in time. Bamboo, as the more affordable alternative to Egyptian cotton, is becoming more and more popular. But how does it match against its high-end rival?


Comparing Comfort

Egyptian cotton is famous for its really long and soft fibres which allows for higher thread counts on the sheets, and thus feels very pleasant on the touch. But opposed to bamboo, cotton fibres can easily tear, creating small dents which makes the sheets pill over time. This means that you have to avoid washing expensive Egyptian cotton sheets in the machine. Bamboo, on the other hand, is more creamy in texture and feels a lot cooler on the skin. This material is also a more breathable and absorbent compared to Egyptian cotton, which means luxury bamboo sheets prevent night sweats and keep moisture from sticking to the skin even in the hottest of temperatures.

Which Material is Healthier?

Egyptian cotton is grown using pesticides, and when it is processed into fibres there are a lot of chemicals involved in order for it to gain its famous smooth look. On the other hand, bamboo has a natural agent which makes the plant naturally resistant to pests and fungi and eliminates the need of pesticides. This agent, called bamboo kun, remains preserved even after bamboo is processed into fibres. So, by opting for bamboo, you get naturally hypo-allergenic and antibacterial sheets that are free from any irritants. Compared to Egyptian cotton, luxury bamboo sheets are much healthier for people suffering from asthma, allergies, or various skin conditions. Moreover, the antimicrobial agent also has deodorising properties. Healthy and fresh!


What About Durability?

I’ve heard people who swear Egyptian cotton sheets are an investment that can last for eternity. However, just like any other material they also have their downsides and can pill due to too much washing. Bamboo sheets are almost as durable as cotton ones, but still need to be cared gently. They too can become damaged from too much washing, and that’s why it’s recommended that you wash them in cold water and put the machine on a gentler cycle. Bottom line, both materials are susceptible to damage unless properly taken care of.

By Jessie Sanner

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