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Bath Towel Set: Where Convenience Meets Comfort

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Your bathroom towels shouldn’t fall apart and have holes in them in order to replace them with new ones. Just like with everything else around the home, bathroom towels also have their lifespan so changing them regularly can help you get the best of them.

If you want your towels to last longer, aside from taking good care of them, you should make the right choice when it comes to their size and quality. Towels that come in a set are a real blessing not only because they contain all the needed sizes in one place, but also because all of them look the same. This will add a more elegant and sophisticated touch to your bathroom without making any bigger changes to it.

Understanding the Most Common Towel Sizes That Come in a Set

Nowadays, it’s possible to find a towel in literally any size, however, a complete bath towel set is a more practical purchase. Each piece in the set is designed for a different purpose which makes it quite a convenient thing to have. Generally speaking, there’re four pieces that you can find in a bath towel set – washcloths, hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets.

Washcloth vs. Hand Towels

Hand towels
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Washcloths are the smallest in such a set. They’re usually available in a square shape with dimensions 30cm x 30cm, and they’re mainly used for everyday face washing and body cleansing. Perfect for cleaning the body and removing dead cells, they can be used on a daily basis, which is why keeping them clean is paramount in order to reduce bacteria growth.

Hand towels are bigger than washcloths and their main purpose is to dry your hands. Their size usually depends on the manufacturer which means that they can be as small as 35cm x 65cm to 50cm x 70cm and 50cm x 100cm. Unlike washcloths, they could have fringes or tassels on their edges for decorative purposes.

Just like washcloths, these are designed to be used on a daily basis, so choosing quality ones is essential for being able to absorb more water. That being said, you shouldn’t opt for thin, but instead for thick ones. Given the fact that they’re used on a daily basis, changing them regularly is as important as changing washcloths.

Bath Towels vs. Bath Sheets

Bath towels
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The usual size of bath towels is 70cm x 140cm and their large surface area makes them perfect for drying your body after a shower or a bath. Even though big, these are still supposed to be used on a daily basis, which is why choosing thicker is better for water absorption. Depending on the manufacturer, some of them can have hooks or towel bars which makes it easier and more convenient to hang.

Bath sheets are quite larger than the previous model, and they usually come in 100cm x 170cm, however, the dimensions can range from manufacturer to manufacturer. They tend to be more absorbent since they are larger and make drying off after a shower faster and easier.

How to Pick the Right Set


Cotton bath towels set
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The most important thing to have in mind when choosing a set is quality. The set needs to be made of good material like sustainable cotton, as this material offers the best softness, comfort, durability and absorbency. Being known for their softness, cotton cloths can provide you with the needed comfort on which you can rely until their last day of use.

If you wonder which type of bath towel is best in terms of quality, the answer is some type of premium-grade cotton. Practice shows that towels made of Turkish and Egyptian cotton are the best since this is the softest and most absorbent material.


Even if you’re looking for a specific set that can meet your bathroom décor, nowadays, it’s easy to find one. Towels, especially the hand ones can have an extremely great impact on your bathroom since they are usually hung next to the sink. And if having open shelves where you keep the rest of them, you should certainly choose ones that come in specific colours that can meet your bathroom décor. Dark grey, black, dull yellow, red, white and brown are among the most commonly used colours for them.


Bath towel set
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While it’s extremely easy to find affordable sets of bath cloths, quite often this means that their quality and material are poor. Unfortunately, such bath cloths don’t have a long lifespan, meaning that you’ll end up paying more than you’ve planned.

Practice shows that it would be better if you don’t rely on the price as deciding factor since quantity isn’t the same as quality. So, when in the search for the right set, make sure to take into account the cloths material, its thickness, absorbency and quality.

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