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Bamboo vs. Sugarcane vs. PET Disposable Trays with Lids

Disposable Trays

Being successful in the food industry requires a lot of devotion to the business, love for food, commitment to quality and being up-to-date with everything that’s happening at the moment. Since the pollution of the planet is on the rise, more and more people are trying to make it right by using environmental-friendly products. That includes the use of eco-friendly cups, plates and disposable trays with lids for takeaway food. By deciding to use them, you will be contributing to a positive shift regarding the way waste is managed. And since there are several types of them available on the market, choosing the one that can meet your needs while preventing food waste is paramount.


Bamboo Disposable Containers

For many centuries, people have been using bamboo as a food source and as a building material. However, over the past few years, bamboo was used as an eco-friendly type of packaging product and it has shown as successful for the purpose as well. Generally speaking, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants and one that doesn’t need to be replanted after harvesting because it’s renewable. This type of plant is extremely durable and its strength has been compared to the one of wood, brick and concrete.

Experts state that bamboo has great thermal resistance which makes it a great product for the production of disposable trays with lids. In addition, bamboo is a biodegradable and compostable type of plant, which is another reason why it is so favoured in the food industry. Except for this, bamboo can withstand heat up to 205 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for storing hot food. Since bamboo doesn’t need any specific growing conditions, manufacturers can source it locally for their packaging. This is another reason why bamboo is considered an eco-friendly type of plant – manufacturers are able to reduce transportation and carbon footprint. There are some other advantages of using bamboo disposable food trays with lids:

  • Cost-effective – Since bamboo can be planted literally anywhere in the world, the agriculture, production and transportation costs will be cut down to a minimum. This additionally will affect the final product price which will be lower when compared to some plastic disposable trays with lids.
  • The Possibility of Attracting New Customers – By deciding to go eco-friendly with your products, the chances that you’ll attract new customers are huge. This will not only help you widen your customer base, but can also increase your income.
Sugarcane Disposable Containers

Sugarcane Disposable Containers

Generally speaking, sugarcane is a versatile type of plant that is used as a source of sugar and bio-fuel for vehicles. But thanks to its great temperature tolerance up to 93-94 degrees Celsius, high-durability and biodegradability, manufacturers use it for the production of different packaging products. Precisely this makes sugarcane another popular and eco-friendly product type that is great for the production of disposable lunch trays with lids. Usually, the main ingredient for the production of such products is bagasse which is a dry and pulpy residue. This residue is what’s left after the sugars and juices are extracted from the sugarcane plant which makes it ideal for the purpose. Except for this, bagasse is also used as biofuel allowing people to go green even when using their vehicles. Sugarcane packaging is biodegradable and it is estimated that it fully degrades in the soil for about 180 days and composts in 45 – 60 days in a composting facility. Just like bamboo, sugarcane is also a renewable resource and great for increasing your customer base.


PET Disposable Containers

Last but not least, there are disposable platter trays with lids made of PET or simply known as plastic. The thing that makes PET packaging so appealing is its transparency and shiny surface. The flexible production process allows for the creation of different packaging designs and shapes. Just like the two other options, plastic containers are also lightweight. For instance, when compared to a glass bottle, the weight of the plastic bottle is almost 100% lighter. Additionally, the chances that glass will break during transportation are huge compared to plastic. This is another reason why business owners choose plastic packaging over glass.

Now, when it comes to choosing the ideal container packaging with lids, it seems that the first two options are the most eco-friendly. Although PET packaging is recyclable, at the end, you’re still dealing with plastic that after some time will end up in the landfill. So, if you are one of those business owners who care for the environment and for the health of the customers, investing in compostable and eco-friendly packaging is the right thing to do.

Speaking from another point of view, if you want packaging that can resist extremely hot food, you should consider bamboo packaging. This is because out of all three types of packaging, bamboo trays with lids have the best thermal resistance.

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