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Bamboo Vs. Organic Cotton: Who Wins the Clash of Natural Fabrics?

The definition of a good fabric? The one that you can wear and feel as if it is your second skin. Unfortunately, most products today are made of synthetic materials and are very rough and uncomfortable. However, natural fabrics are becoming more and more popular on the market, and the high demand is slowly lowering the prices of these goods. This consequently means that even us, mere mortals, can now afford the luxurious lifestyle. But since there is a rather vast choice when it comes to high quality goods, one might get confused. For that reason, I gathered the pros and cons of the two best types of natural fabrics to make your choice easier.


When it comes to eco friendly home decor pieces, bamboo is hard to top. It grows extremely fast which makes it an easily renewable resource. Plus, its growth is pesticide-free because of its resistance to insects or infecting pathogens. On the other hand, cotton requires a large amount of pesticides to maintain it in an acceptable condition. So, by having bamboo pillows, furniture or other decorative items in your home you are helping to keep the planet clean.

But besides being a staple in the eco friendly home decor, bamboo fabric has a number of other advantages which make it in many regards a better alternative to cotton. For instance, did you know that bamboo sheets have thermal regulating abilities making them perfect for both high and low temperatures. Now you’ll never have to change your favourite blanket to fit the season (you’ll still have to wash it though).

And when it comes to a good night’s sleep, bamboo fabric makes the cleanest bed sheets. It has hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties which prevent the user from experiencing any allergic reactions. Additionally, bamboo continues to be pest resistant even after it is transformed into fabric. This means that if you are afraid of bugs, you can rejoice – your bamboo sheets will keep the nasty stuff away from your bed. As far as comfort is concerned, you’ll never go wrong with bamboo. Bamboo viscose offers softness which has been compared to the one silk and Egyptian cotton have, but for a far more affordable price.


Organic Cotton
Cotton is often referred to as the king of fabrics. But as history has taught us, not all kings are necessarily flawless. Ever since its invention it’s the most commonly used fabric in the world. With proper care and if not exposed to harsh chemicals, cotton products will last for a longer period of time. But because of its small air pockets, cotton won’t protect you a great deal from heat. So, when it gets cold, it’s best to wear something additional under your cotton sweater.

However, when drying yourself after a bath, cotton is a very good material for absorbing moisture, while at the same time it is soft to the skin. You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about cotton and still haven’t mentioned the epitome of luxurious living – the Egyptian cotton. It’s been advertised as a miracle fabric – being extremely soft and offering protection at the same time. However, I don’t know whether it’s indeed high quality or just overrated since I myself am not able to afford to try it yet. But if money’s no concern for you and you decide to go for Egyptian cotton, be careful when buying – there are many sellers who’ll sell you cotton that came from nowhere near Egypt.

By Jessie Sanner

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