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Bamboo vs. Cotton: The Battle of the Softest (Babies Need the Best)

When it comes to baby clothes and blankets, it’s normal to immediately picture something soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic. Bamboo and cotton fabrics are the two fiber options that meet these requirements. However, since bamboo has shown several advantages over cotton, the popularity of baby bamboo products is growing rapidly. If you are still in a quandary regarding which one would be the better choice for your little one, read on to find out why bamboo makes the cut.


Bamboo Fabric is Softer than Cotton Fabric
Bamboo fibers make for an incredibly soft fabric that is both gentle and cozy to the touch. Bamboo is oftentimes compared to cashmere and since its fibers have more elasticity and are less bulky than cotton, they offer more comfort for your baby’s skin.

Bamboo Fabric is More Breathable and More Absorbent than Cotton Fabric
A research showed that bamboo fabric can absorb 70% more moisture than cotton. Thanks to this quality, it can quickly wick moisture away from the skin. Cotton, on the other hand, doesn’t offer that particular quality to the same extend. Plus, bamboo is a very breathable material, which allows for maximum air circulation which in turn helps eliminate bacteria from the area. The breath-ability of the fabric also helps keep the baby’s body temperature down, ensuring great comfort.

Bamboo Fabric Smells Better and Stays Cleaner than Cotton Fabric
One of the greatest proprieties of bamboo fabric is its antimicrobial quality, known as ‘Bamboo Kun’. These natural antimicrobial bioagents assist in reducing or destroying odor-causing bacteria that thrive on clothing and on the baby skin. Cotton on the other hand is not antibacterial.

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Bamboo Fabric is Stronger than Cotton
Viscose made from bamboo is considered one of the strongest and most affordable fabrics to wear or sleep in. The fabric is well known for keeping its shape, strength, and durability three times the durability and efficiency of cotton (when cared for properly). Bamboo fabrics are known for keeping their bright colours significantly longer than cotton fabric and are very easy to maintain.

On top of everything, bamboo requires no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to grow, which means none of these chemicals can come in contact with your baby’s skin through baby bamboo products. Although organic cotton manufacturers are making great strides in trying to minimize their impact on the environment, the process still isn’t perfected.

Hopefully, after reading this article you are no longer in two minds regarding what fabric is the best option for your baby’s clothing and blankets.

By Jessie Sanner

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