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Bagging a Hole-in-One: The Ultimate Guide to Different Golf Bag Types

Golf Bags for Cartsource: tiesalesm.live

One of the few disadvantages of this fantastic game that we all like is that we must take our equipment around with us. Unfortunately, unless you are on the pro tour, you will not have a caddy who will carry your bag for every round you play, so choosing a bag is depending on how you play the game.

The options available today are nothing like your parents’ bulky golf bags. The Sunday back cramps caused by a bag heavier than the clubs it carried are over.  Modern golf bags are lightweight and water-resistant, with strap and divider options to accommodate the needs of every player at every level of play, making them the top priority.

Types of Golf Bags to Look for When Buying

Golf Bags
source: theclubroom.co.nz

These days, there are a number of golf bags for a cart available in a wide range of shapes, colours, sizes and purposes. Moreover, new brands are constantly emerging despite the old and good ones. So, how to choose the one that will serve the purpose? When narrowing down your choices, consider your needs and preferences in the game. Next, you should look for the type that best responds to those needs. These are the most common types to lay your hands on when shopping.

Cart Bags for Golf

When on the hunt for versatile and convenient options, look for well-designed and easy-to-manoeuvre golf bags for a cart to carry all your gear with ease, comfort and style. Given their functionality and ease of carry it isn’t surprising why cart bags are first on the best bags for carrying golf equipment list.

It’s the type of bag any serious golfer will require as every set-up with a four-wheeler to ferry you across the lawn is an ideal one. Spacious and organised, they will save you the difficult choice of which clubs to bring along as you can bring all of them. But, how exactly can they do so? 

Well, golf cart bags come with multiple pockets to offer extra carrying space for the player who desires additional capacity for waterproofs, valuables, covers, balls, and so forth. When utilising a golf cart bag, the pockets will typically be on one side of the bag to provide easy access to a player. It is also considerably stiffer when compared to the carry or stand bag.

The cart bag for golf for senior or female golfers, on the other hand, will be rather large yet will fit comfortably into an electric or pushcart (about 9 x 9.5 inches). These are often hardwearing and water resistant since they include a plastic and rigid inner lining.

Even though their name implies the opposite, modern cart bags for golf may easily clip in and out of the cart thanks to a special connection on the bottom. While certain cart alternatives can stand on their own, the weight of their large storage capacity might add up. Be careful as they are easily tipped over, and the least bump might send your loose equipment tumbling down the slope if you are not paying attention. So, instead of playing the greatest game ever played, you’ll be playing pick-up sticks.

Pencil or Sunday Bags

Pencil Golf Bag
source: ebay.com

Pencil or Sunday bags are rising in popularity. These bags are incredibly lightweight, as they have a 6-inch diameter top and can comfortably store up to 14 clubs. They are incredibly slim in shape and hence very easy to stow in a locker or automobile. They are ideal for golf on a warm, dry day, but provide very little protection in the rain.

Stand Bag

The stand bag is larger than a pencil bag and has a stand to keep your bag off the ground when resting. When you set it on the ground, the two legs underneath will spring out, allowing it to stand perfectly by your side. This keeps your bag clean and makes it easier to place your bag and pull-out clubs.

It is critical to examine the stability of the stand with the bag’s base when selecting the stand alternative. The quality of stands differs amongst bags, and knowing which options are prone to falling over in the wind is critical. Additionally, a stand bag may cost slightly more than a carry bag.

Tour Bags

The tour bag is the largest type, measuring roughly 10 inches in diameter and weighing up to 45 pounds. The name comes from the bag’s use by tour guides. You may have seen these bags and the power of tour caddies to haul them around a five-hour round.

The bag is quite large (about 9 inches or more) to hold the extra clothing, waterproofs, gloves, snacks, balls, and so on that tour players require. Although not recommended for a player who wants to bring his or her clubs, the pricier bag will fit a trolley, provide additional carrying capacity, and lend a professional style to your game.

Golf Ball Bag

Golf Ball Bags
source: pinterest.com.au

The golf ball bag, also known as a practice bag, is primarily used by golfers to transport and collect balls from a practice area or green. They are compact, lightweight, and fit easily into a car trunk or locker while holding a large number of golf balls. For a player who practises with his or her balls, a golf ball bag is always a wise investment.

Shoe Bags

A golfer’s shoe bag is used for players to transport their shoes to and from the course. They’re small and lightweight, and they’re a wonderful way to keep dirt and grass out of your car or locker room. Shoe bags are widely available and make an excellent golfing accessory or gift.

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