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Aviation Vs. Boating Uniforms: Keep Up Appearances & Feel Comfortable

Aviation Uniforms

Flying Clothes

Pilot uniforms are probably the most iconic set of aviation clothing. Wearing a uniform serves more purposes than simply helping you look sharp. Having a standardized set of this kind of uniform will allow you to put together your outfit without investing too much time and effort. This will allow you to focus more on the task in front of you.

Airliners cover an extensive list of destinations and the crew can easily find themselves in a different climate zone within hours (for example, Tokyo to Melbourne). Not to mention the change of temperature as the plane gets in high altitudes. Purpose made epaulette jumpers are great in these situations.

Commercial airline pilots are not the only ones soaring through the sky. There is a bunch – the single-engine general aviation pilots – at liberty to wear whatever makes them feel good. To a degree of course. Some of these aircraft predominantly operate in VFR conditions and maintain relatively low altitude for prolonged periods. Therefore, a pilot in a Cessna can afford to open a small storm window when it gets hot. But what happens when it’s cold? Well, in other parts of the world, pilots wear flight suits. However, if you are a bush pilot along our latitude, a general aviation jacket from wind-breaking and waterproof softshell fabric will do.

pilot clothing

Besides the host of essential pieces of aviation clothing, there are some accessories that are a must, such as a good pair of sunglasses. Polarized lenses with protective filters serve to block the excessive flare. Another important clothing essential is a high-visibility vest which has to be worn at all times. They are an absolute must for inspections and fuel checks.

Boating Clothes

In many ways, what was said about flying clothes applies to boating ones as well. After all, nautical pilots were the first and original bunch to be addressed as such. So the captain of a large commercial maritime transport vessel and his crew members have a certain dress code they ought to follow. It consists of pieces that are fairly similar to flight clothes except for the headwear, particularly for high ranking officers, but also for any other seamen. This applies to ferries, but it is also adopted on big pleasure crafts like cruise ships and even on private yachts or powerboats.

On the other hand, holding the helm of a sailing vessel gets you directly exposed to the elements. This simply can not be compared to the protection a pilot gets while flying an aircraft. Especially if the sailboat captain is performance-oriented and tilts the hull to pick up speed. So, when you are off to a recreational craft in this category, you need to pack a swimsuit, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. That’s for warm climates. The further you go from the equator, the thicker your layers of boating clothes should get because the weather can change in a matter of minutes.

boating clothes

Wearing an appropriate life jacket or personal floating device is potentially the most important piece of gear you can have on a boat. It can be a lifesaver in case you go over board for whatever reason.

Then there are those sailing teams that are practically crewed by athletes. We are speaking about those that operate hydrofoil catamarans in competitive environments. This bunch wears sport swimsuits that cover the whole body which also boosts their performance.

Maritime vessels are different from aeroplanes in many aspects. The type of activity done in a fishing boat, for example, is unique to marine environments. Bringing large troves of fishing nets on the deck makes for wet and sometimes slimy or slippery surfaces. So these type of fisherman don special gear that is primarily waterproof, keeps them warm and have a lot of pockets for all the fishing knives and tools.

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