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Amp Up Your Entertaining Game with Sleek and Stylish Serving Trays

I always wanted to host a dinner party in my home for my closest family. We often get together, but we mainly go out in restaurants because none of us ever has the time to arrange something at home. But since I want to host a gathering with barbecue, a home-made cake and drinks in my backyard, I decided this Sunday it’s going to be my debut as a gathering hostess. My husband was so kind and sweet and actually very supportive of my wish so he agreed to help and run to the supermarket for me. Aside all things organizational, what I wanted to pull out were real restaurant-alike serving skills so the whole gathering can be given a certain elegant charm and not turn into a food competition as to who’ll eat more and finish sooner because you know, we’re all family and nobody’s watching us (don’t roll your eyes with surprise, you do it too).

Serving Trays

The thing that’s not so convenient when you decide to host a gathering in your home is that you have to be the waitress too. That means that every time someone needs something from the kitchen, you’ll have to get up and serve them. It’s how things go and there’s no arguing about it. However, if you’re smart enough and well organized, you just might get out of the whole situation with a few rounds to the kitchen for drinks and serving the dessert. Here comes the most important piece of the success puzzle: a solid, quality tray and your ability to master it. If you still don’t have one, search the trays Australia retailers online offer and order one that will complement your overall dinnerware.


The types of trays

Before you start searching through trays Australia retailer’s offers you should know what to look for. First things first: size. Generally, the most commonly used types of trays vary from 20 to 16 centimetres in diameter and are arranged as small, medium and large. According to your needs and serving skills, you should choose the size that will most fit you. Next thing: material. There are trays made of metal – very sturdy, fancy looking and quite classy. However, these mainly have sharp edges which may not be so convenient for you. That’s why there are trays made of wood and plastics which are a lot easier to use especially for someone with poor serving skills.

Serving Tray

The techniques

Now, the hard part of the entire experience isn’t choosing the tray, it’s learning how to use it like a pro. If you paid enough attention by now you’ve seen how experienced waiters bring all the drinks at once and take all empty glasses from a table on a single tray. That’s a real skill there. No worries though, there’s no quantum mechanics in it, just some strength in your arms and a little concentration as to not let everything fall down.

Serving Tray


So in conclusion, besides knowing how to manipulate a stashed tray with fragile glass and plates that can easily be broken into bits and pieces, it’s a good thing to have the right trays chosen so that they complement the entire ambiance. You should know best what will suit you most; whether you have an elegant kitchen with expensive dinnerware or a vintage looking one with less expensive plates and glassware.

By Jessie Sanner

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