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American Real Estate or Stocks – Which Is A Better Investment

Both, American real estate and stocks are considered worthy investments nowadays. Most people prefer investing in American real estate properties over stocks, due to the fact that the return on rent is always 100%. Also, if you want to secure your retirement money and want to ensure you get the highest return on your investment, then the American real estate investment is a better choice. Yes, you could double your investment in a matter of minutes with stocks, but you can as easily lose all your savings. Here are few more reasons why the American real estate is a better investment option than stocks.

  • You have more control over your real estate investment, than with stock investments. You have the power to cut costs and raise rents according to your wishes and of course, the market changes. If you are capable enough to guide your own investment and make smart decisions, investing in American real estate property can be far more profitable than investing in stocks.
  • Growing number of Australians prefer to invest in American real estate because it is considered a lucrative business investment. Not only that you can double the investment withing few years, but can also get certain tax benefits.
  • Another thing that makes investing in American real estate property a better option, is the fact that you can actually see the investment and improve it.
  • It is true that the value of the stocks can rise every moment, but you don’t get a lot in return. The highest dividend payed from the stocks is around 4 % annually. Thus, even if the value of the stocks goes up, you don’t get the money if you don’t sell the stocks.
  • The decision to invest your money in American real estate property or in stocks will depend on you knowledge and preferences. If you have great managerial skills, knowledge in economics, then go with American real estate investment. However, if you have enough skills and experience in the share market, then do invest in stocks.
  • At the moment, there are great chances that you will buy American real estate property below the market value. But what is more important, you can even add value to that property the minute you decide to sell it. Some houses that need repairs, come with lower price tags. You can repair the house and increase its value.

By Anthony Hendriks

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