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Alcohol Free Craft Beer or Low Alcohol Wine?

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There is a wide interest in low- or no-alcohol beverages these days as many people are focusing on nutrition, wellness and active lifestyle. If you are looking for ways to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, you may wonder whether alcohol-free or low alcohol beverages are a good substitute for their full-strength counterparts. While the question for true beer lovers is to brew or not to brew, beer lovers that are looking for ways to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink have another question on their mind, such as the following.

Is There a Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer?

The process of making alcohol free craft beer is the same way as regular craft beer, except it undergoes one of the few different methods for creating non-alcoholic beer. Some of these methods involve interfering with the yeast during the fermentation process, while others use heat or reverse osmosis after the beer is made. When it comes to the ingredients, usually the basic ones remain the same, with some combination of water, malt, yeast and hops. 
Craft beers are changing the Aussie alcohol landscape lately. The shift from quantity to quality and the changing consumer tastes have seen the craft beer movement becoming more and more popular. Many Australians are seeking craft beer for different reasons, some want to taste the difference, while others want to have an authentic drink or support local businesses.
The craft beer scene has grown over the past years, so now you can choose your alcohol free craft beer from a wide range of beer styles. However, keep in mind that there can be a negligible amount of 0.5% alcohol in this kind of beer. It may be a small amount, but it’s important to remember if you want to avoid alcohol completely.

non-alcoholic craft beer
source: sonyalooney.com

What About Low Alcohol Wine?

As a growing number of people choose to drink less and better, the range of low- and no-alcohol beverages is expanding and improving. The wine category is trying to keep up, so for your next wine tasting session, you may want to buy low alcohol wine. Even though officially, wine should contain a minimum of 8% ABV (alcohol by volume), slowly but surely, low alcohol wine is becoming a trend for the future.
Food and wine bring people together and help them enjoy life a little more. And sometimes, that’s all that matters, so if you want to have a good time with family and friends and drink responsibly, you can always buy low alcohol wine. Don’t be surprised if you discover that the party doesn’t necessarily stop just because you are consuming low alcohol beverages. Instead, you will probably notice the benefits it offers, such as the following.

The Benefits of Consuming Low or No-Alcoholic Beverages

They Taste Good (and Getting Even Better Over the Years)

Very often, the issue of taste is important for us. While some people doubt that a low- or no-alcoholic beverage can taste as good as their favourite drink, researches show that people can’t detect the difference between this and a full-strength beverage based on taste. 
Consumers looking for low or non-alcohol beverages don’t want to feel like outcasts just because they are avoiding alcohol, so having a delicious range of alternatives can really help. With so many people interested in having access to a range of flavour choices, the number of new tastes and flavours keeps rapidly growing. So, beer lovers and wine enthusiasts don’t have to turn to soft drinks or mocktails. Instead, they can enjoy a drink that tastes just like their favourite drink.

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Better Health and Behaviour

Alcohol-free beverages are a good choice for anyone who should avoid alcohol, while low alcohol beverages can be a good option for those who are trying to reduce their alcohol intake. Studies have shown that drinking alcohol-free beer can improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 
For wine lovers who enjoy moderate drinking, having a glass of low alcohol red wine at dinner time can be a good method for incorporating the needed amount of alcohol in your diet if you wish to explore the health effects of red wine reported in many studies.

You Can Drive Safely

For moderate drinkers who intend to drive, low alcohol and alcohol-free drinks are an ideal choice. This is safer than having one or two drinks and then stop drinking. It can impair the cognitive skills that are important for driving, so choosing low alcohol wine or alcohol-free beer is always a much better option.

drive safely
source: atlantainsurance.com

Keep You Hydrated

You know how you feel thirsty after drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, right? Well, low alcohol and alcohol-free beverages don’t dehydrate you the same way as their full-strength counterparts do, but also, the risk of drinking an excessive amount of low alcohol or alcohol-free beverages is lower. So, no hangover the next day!

Avoid Intoxication

Low alcohol and alcohol-free beverages are the perfect solutions if you want to avoid intoxication. They look the same as full-strength alcohol beverages and it’s not easy to tell them apart. This can be helpful if, for some reason, you don’t feel comfortable consuming soft drinks in a social situation, but still, you want to avoid intoxication. These drinks will keep you sober and more aware of your surroundings at all times.

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