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5 Birthday Gift Ideas for the Coffee Enthusiast in Your Life

We all have at least one person in our life that is in love with coffee. These people love this drink in any shape and form and know how to enjoy and appreciate every sip they get. They usually have a refined taste when it comes to flavor and know every way you can prepare this amazing drink. So, if you’re wondering what to buy them for their birthday, look for something coffee related and they’ll be delighted to have it.

Flavored Coffee

source: foodbeveragesourcing.com

Even the most selective coffee enthusiasts have a soft spot for flavored coffee. It can bring out amazing flavors and aromas that just complement the already beautifully scented beans. This type of coffee is made by infusing the flavor through several processes. Manufacturers carefully select the combinations and create delicate and exciting coffee flavors.

The first method is flavoring during roasting. The agents are added before the beans are baked, and during the baking process they get infused into the beans. The second process is after roasting. The oil or extracts are added to the beans and mixed. This way they stick to the beans’ surface.

The third method is called natural because it uses natural ingredients such as cocoa nibs, vanilla beans or cinnamon. The last method is flavored syrups which are added into the already brewed coffee. All of these flavorings are carefully measured so the taste of coffee isn’t overpowered.

There are so many flavors you can choose from. Start by considering your friend’s favourites. Take note of everything they like and make a nice combination of flavors. If you want to surprise them, get them something they’ve never tried before. Who knows, it may become their favourite and they’ll thank you for it.

The Dutch chocolate flavor is divine. It works lovely on a cold winter day because of the cosy feeling it provides. You can also get the Irish cream coffee. This one has a smooth and creamy texture that goes perfectly with the mild Baileys flavor. The Amaretto coffee is another boozy option that’ is very enticing and exciting to drink.

Cinnamon-flavored coffee is a delight on its own. It has a mild flavor but it’s very delicious. Your friend can use it on special occasions but also mix it in cocktails. Who doesn’t want a cup of creamy, coconut, mild-strength coffee after a long day at work? Get this one for your friend, and let them enjoy life through amazing flavors. Some other aromas you can do are French vanilla, hazelnut, butterscotch, black cherry, caramel, chilli and much more.

Double-Wall Mugs

Double wall mugs are a very practical kitchen addition your friend will love. They look wonderful but also extend the life of the drink. They look very stylish, and your friend will display them proudly on their shelf for everyone to see. They’re often made of borosilicate glass and won’t crack when you pour hot coffee inside.

Even though they have a double wall, they’re not necessarily heavier. This glass within a glass concept creates a beautiful illusion of floating liquid that looks appealing and magical. Your friend can enjoy many coffee flavors anytime they fancy a hot cup of coffee.

One of the greatest benefits of these mugs is their ability for heat retention. The double-wall insulation keeps the coffee warmer for longer making it more enjoyable. The same goes for cold drinks as well. They’ll remain colder for longer. The clear view makes it easier to see how much coffee is left and the chic and stylish look will make anyone proud to own them.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If your friend doesn’t have a cold brew coffee maker, now is the perfect time to gift them one and inspire them to create a cosy coffee nook. There are three types of makers you can choose from. The immersion one is where the grounds are soaked in water for several hours. Through this process, all the flavors are extracted, and the wonderful flavor comes forward.

The flavors this maker produces are very strong and intense. The only drawback is the longevity of the process. The second one is the slow drip maker which is very popular. The water passes slowly through the grounds and into a carafe. This makes the coffee less acidic and faster than the immersion method. The third one is the automatic maker which is easy to use. Plus, it prepares the coffee much faster.

Fun Coffee Containers

source: fellowproducts.com

Since your friend appreciates coffee so much, they want to take good care of it and store it in the right container so it doesn’t lose its flavor or aroma. Buying them a nice set of coffee containers is a great way to add to their collection or provide them with a proper storage option.

The number one thing to consider in this case is the seal. It needs to be airtight so it holds everything inside. It keeps the flavored coffee grounds

fresh and ready for the next cup. The material also matters. The most common option is stainless steel. But manufacturers also use glass, wood, copper and ceramic to make the containers.

Depending on the amount of coffee your friend consumes, you can either buy one big container or a set of different-sized ones. You can also customise and mark them so they can store every type of coffee they have at home in a different box. There are plenty of interesting designs. From bright colours, and plain dark containers to see-through glass ones. Plus, you can personalise them and add some quotes or stickers your buddy will love.

Travel Mug

If your friend is often on the go and doesn’t have time to stop and make themselves fresh coffee, getting them a travelling mug will solve this problem. To ensure optimal heat and cold retention, look for a travel mug with a vacuum-sealed, double-walled construction. A screw-on lid is the best option because it’s the most secure one. Pop-on lids have a big chance of leaking the liquid all over the place.

Choose a mug that has a thinner lip. Something rounder so it matches the shape of the lips and is comfortable to drink from. Your present will be greatly appreciated if it matches your friend’s lifestyle. When they’re on the move, they need something lightweight that can fit into a bag, on their bike or in the cup holder of the car. They’ll need something that opens with one hand and a grippy material that won’t slide off their hands.

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